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I see a lot of concern about no phone contact being available , I agree and will never risk any significant money without the ability to discuss any issues with a responsible person. I have mentioned this before and to Mr. Peter Schiff who now is apart of this company. No reply received on this subject. I love the concept but value my hard earned dollars too much to risk many of them with a company with no names willing to take responsibility for any issues, which there obviously are after reading many of these posts.


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    @Rand I believe that is what the wealth account is for.
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    @Rand I can understand your concern as I agree when you want to speak to someone live you should be able to. In the beginning they did have a phone support line. I think one of the difficulties is that the staff of Goldmoney is around 75 people in total so it is difficult to handle 100's of languages not to mention hours of operation to handle global demand. With email support it is easy to translate different languages to understand the problem at hand. It is also my understanding that the phone support topic is being revisited since multiple users have the same qualm.

    I have used the platform for two years now and have no need on my end to ever speak to anyone. When talking about "dollars at risk", I feel differently as there is much greater risk's associated with the regular banking system. I personally feel my savings are safer with Goldmoney than anywhere else.

    If you really wanted phone support in the meantime you could always open a Wealth Account that does offer phone support.
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