4 million grams Goldmoney vaults visualized

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If anyone is curious what 4 million grams looks like in terms of storage that goldmoney is holding in the "Brinks gold" and Ottawa vaults.
The tall pole is a representation of a 6 foot tall person. the total amount of 1Kg bars represented is 4096 KG.
The total storage needed to vault this much gold is a very small footprint. So for those who wonder how they pay for all this storage, just remember that gold does not take much space to store.


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    That's the key difference between gold and silver, "wealth"/ weight/volume makes it more useful as it implies less phisical/technical problems.

    Yet, discovering the ideal price difference from that value apreciation is pretty imposible, so don't jump at my back silver bros
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    Yes, there is more Silver than Gold but one thing to consider. Silver are many thing that Gold is not to an extend. Is used heavily as Luxury item, as Money and an Industrial metal. I see Silver making better moves than Gold. Not saying that Gold will worth less than Silver. Just saying, given the Gold to Silver ratio is so far off, the best performer, as far return of investment, is Silver

    That is why I put my "money" on Silver and few "coins" on Gold... (pun intended).
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    Agreed, silver "should" outperform gold % wise based on historical ratios, but doesn't mean it will.. Bottom line for me is convenience and liquidity. Right now goldmoney offers better convenience for storing gold when adding in liquidity/fees.
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    No argument on that....

    Perhaps, Gold Money should invest on Silver too. I know a lot of people want to jump but they are short on cash and want to maximize what they have. Call it, the "Poor People Money" or the "Street Money". Transaction fees is what keep the "lights on".

    I do not want to deal all the time with $1,000 bills; I like to mix it up with few $100s too.

    That brings me an idea or vision if you wish... Precious metals have a natural ratio. Would be interesting to have for example $1,000 as Gold, $100 as Silver, $50 as Platinum, $20 as Palladium, $1 as Copper. Just a way to transact on different denomination based on the store value of each metal. The "World Trade Currency" is Crypto, that is nothing more than a "Cashier Personal Check". Right now, GAU is what Gold Money uses as the lowest denominator, but if Gold reaches a new high, the GAU price will be much higher too. Then, not many people can afford it, not even a Gram.

    Historicaly, was used in the past without the Crypto and worked just fine.

    Anyway.... just a thought.
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