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As some of you have probably seen, I've been badgering Mint for 7 months to support Goldmoney savings accounts (Personal/Business). They had a connector for the Wealth login, but never supported the newer Consolidated login. As of last night Mint's Goldmoney entry now supports logging in (at least Personal is confirmed, yay!) and will show your Prepaid card balance as an "Investment Account" in Mint.

It's annoying that the developers didn't see the Total Vault Balance as important to show as a "Cash" account in Mint. As we all know our savings is in Gold and any money on the Prepaid card will be small fiat balances for spending. One complication might be that the default currency for Total Account Value is GAU and Mint wouldn't know what to do with that. But I keep mine selected with CAD at the top so my balance shows a real amount... and that's what we need to see in Mint. Another complication are the multiple vaults and how to parse transaction history that makes up your balance.

I will keep on them to support a fiat representation of our Gold in Mint so we can compute our Networth daily. Hopefully they can do it. Cheers.
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