Gold Silver Redemption - Physical delivery delay.

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My gold redemption and silver redemption purchases went through successfully. It's been 10 days and no courier tracking number is provided. Despite sending 3 emails, I didn't get estimated date of delivery. I am very worried at this neglect and lack of responsibility on part of Goldmoney to assure its customers with constant communication on delay. As a customer who has spent several thousand dollars to purchase physical gold and silver on this website, I expect constant updates to happen showing what stage my shipment is. This is all the more important for 1st time buyers/customers since money is shown as deducted from account and no estimated date for delivery is provided. This is absolute customer service nightmare. Hope Goldmoney changes its policies and update me on estimated delivery date, reason for continuous delay, cancellation policy if not delivered within set time.

Please share your experience buying physical gold/silver and delay period to receive within United States (specifically, California where I belong).


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  • zubszubs Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    maybe u could try contacting the customer care to have issue resolved
  • RKPRKP Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    Not sure if it is coincidental or orchestrated, I got an email from Goldmoney Head of Customer Success Craig within few hours of my post stating that their supplier Dillon Gage has marked all my three orders (worth 10s of thousands) as 'Ready to ship' and my shipments will be heading out next week. So I assume I will be seeing my deliveries soon.

    With this experience, I have decided to hold off buying any more Gold and Silver in Goldmoney website until I have physical possession of my earlier purchases. This is loss of trust (and loss of business) for Goldmoney and they should seriously introspect their actions. With proper communication and setting up of upfront expectations for customers, they can have long-term loyal customer base. Otherwise, customers will look out for competitor sites like which allows to also set alerts on Gold/Silver prices.
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