Price charged for purchase was 5% instead of 1%

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I bought $5k in Gold on the 8th of November. The price on the transaction is stated at CAD$57.89

The highest price of the day that day was $55 flat. Thats exactly 5% difference between market price and purchase price.

Why is the spread not 1% as stated as the cost to purchase? I emailed support a few days ago but no response yet..


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    @Secrets The BBO high of the day in CAD on November 8th was $57.67 CAD, and with transaction fee on top of that, your price is within normal range for the day. The high and low for each date are outlined here underneath the graph. I have also just responded to your support ticket.
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    Ah, my bad. That was Election day so obviously a massive spread.. I didn't realise that it was that wide..
    Thanks for the response. Can delete the topic if you wish.
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