[NOT A SCAM] Leaving the site, seeking to give last little bit of gold away. First come first served

siteleaversiteleaver Posts: 1 Tin ✭
Hi all,

The title basically says all the essentials.
In short, I signed up for the site without having done enough research… and it turns out there’s a significant snag I can’t quite agree with. So I’ve decided to leave. Unfortunately by this time I’d already put in quite a bit of savings, for a student. Bummer.
Regardless — I’ve already checked out the bulk of it via physical redemption. What’s left is a mere 0.086 GAU. It’s not much, but I figure whoever would like it can have it. First come, first served.

And no, this is not a scam. Word of honor.

So yes. First person to comment saying they’d like this bit of gold gets it.

Best regards.


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