For businesses & investors: trading products, shares and bonds for bullion on GoldNRoll / Goldmoney

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Hi everyone,

When I developed, I was thinking about 2 user personas: the personal client and the business that use gold depositories like Goldmoney (my personal preferate :smile: ).

How could they easily exchange products for bullion on an online marketplace?

GoldNRoll is very well designed for persons selling occasion goods. The practical problem is that the personal clients are spread all over the globe and they are few. The high cost of shipping occasion goods between countries plus the low probability of finding a matching buyer makes the commerce with occasion good priced in gold unattractive for now.

The business is well served by Goldmoney, with the possibility of posting items and a good range of payment methods including the use of the "Pay with Goldmoney" button.
GoldNRoll augments what Goldmoney already offers.:
- businesses can have a nice profile page including the list of their active products;
- products not in stock can be closed and re-opened later;
- the products are posted by category with detailed description;
- all the businesses compete on a main page displaying a list of all the active products;
- a search engine allows the users to search products sold by all the businesses, by keywords (title, location, category) .

There is a 3rd user persona that I didn't consider yet but I'm doing it now: the investor.
The investor exchanges shares and bonds, not products. Would't be great if the investors could directly exchange shares and bonds on bullion?
There's a lot of improvement to do to GoldNRoll but the idea that I have now is to create a page customized for the sale of financial assets.

If there are investors reading this discussion, I would very much need your feedback. Would you use such a tool? Is there a real need behind this idea?

I would also need a feedback from business users. Do you consider the augmentation that GoldNRoll proposes to the Goldmoney service attractive? Would Goldmoney uses a platform like GoldNRoll?

Also, a feedback from Goldmoney would be great. Would you consider implementing an e-commerce like GoldNRoll as a 3rd web pillar besides the fintech platform and the community?

Best wishes,


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