GM Wishlist: Implement beta tests of all platform changes

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Here in the Goldmoney Community forum, there seems to have been a big backlash to the poor implementation of the change to the unified Holding account (including the move towards charging storage fees on all new accounts, and the uncertainty around the ongoing status of the existing Personal and Business accounts).

Therefore, my wishlist for Goldmoney now includes the implementation of beta tests prior to any platform changes. I don't know how much of this Goldmoney has or has not done in the past, but it doesn't seem to have worked well for these account changes.

I am sure that there are users (myself included) that would be willing to volunteer for such beta tests. Pulling in some of the active users on the forum here for testing seems like it could help avoid a lot of problems in the future.


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    I have a feeling they were trying to roll out the new platform before the conference call so this change could be discussed on the call.

    Yep, I think that was the case. And I think it was a mistake. Beta testing beforehand might have told them it wasn't worth it to try to rush it for the call.

    From the sounds of what I have read it is some of the funding options that are a little delayed. From a tweet I read the remaining funding options should be connected/functioning within two weeks.

    Yes, funding options, and a simplified user sign-in, and the business tools are all delayed. Those are all really big things and they should have waited in my opinion. Peer-to-peer payments were also a little delayed for the US, but that has been implemented now so that is good.

    And I'm glad to hear that funding options will only take weeks, not months. But that is still too long.

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    @mr1 Personal accounts are still functioning. I will be waiting till I hear the Holding accounts are rolling smooth like a Cadillac before I switch over.
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    Yes, I am very glad that Personal accounts are still functioning. Otherwise it would be a complete mess. I'm concerned about the impact on new users, and also on loss of confidence from current users.

    Goldmoney may only get one chance to impress most customers. If someone heard the announcement about the new accounts this week and tried to sign up right now, they would have a difficult sign-up process, and if they persevered and got the account open, they would not find all the features available that the website claims are available. Those customers could leave forever after that.

    I think all these changes will be good in the end, but the timing and implementation seems totally botched.
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    Further thought:
    A new customer that just opened a new Holding will find that their only funding option is a wire transfer. The website says there are other options, but there is nothing about those other options once you log in. Most people don't want to bother with the hassle and expense of a wire transfer, so they may leave and never come back. There is nothing in their account that will tell them that other options are coming soon.

    That is just unacceptable business practices. I desperately want Goldmoney to be better.

    Personal example: I opened a Goldmoney account back in 2011 I think, but I didn't use or even look at my account for years, because they had dropped their peer-to-peer payment options and the wire transfer process was too cumbersome and expensive for me (as well as the high storage fees).
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    @GoldIsCurrency and @mr1 Yep, they beefed it. I wish I could say rookie mistake but they've been doing this for two years.
    mr1 said:

    That is just unacceptable business practices.

    With money, you better believe it. It looks amateur.
    mr1 said:

    I desperately want Goldmoney to be better.

    Me too but, this is what happens when they want to move fast and now.

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    To add. I believe they will straighten this out and learn from it. Really the only way to learn is to fail. If I can I will be picking up more shares.

    For me this is a generational play. I want my children to grow up and be exposed to gold and the truth of money. So when stuff happens they'll be better equipped than the generation who gave up on gold and my generation who loves debt. I was really happy to see Goldmoney Kids and I hope they expand on that. A service like Goldmoney has the potential to become the go to name for generations.
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    Beta testers are a great idea. Sign me up. I will be critical, honest, patient, fair, stay loyal to the brand, and do it for free. That's hard to beat @Roy Sebag.

    That said, imho I think this release was rushed bc the sht is about to hit the fan with the global financial system and on-ramping millions of customers into one type holding should be much easier for their team to process.

    Classic example (anecdotal evidence); cryptos surge>>> sign-ups for Coinbase and Kraken surge as well to the point where it took 3+ weeks to successfully register for AML-level deposit accounts. Bottlenecks are b*tch with surges like that; business process optimization is key. This is another tally on the pro side for the recent account consolidation imo.
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    I was just now remembering how much of an issue there was with the roll-out of the credit card processing fees. The communication and implementation on that was less than desirable and hurt trust with many customers. For any interested, see this thread:

    So, that shows that the most recent implementation issues are not an anomaly. Beta testing and focus groups with active customers would go a long way I think in making Goldmoney even better.
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