Unable to redeem gold to us bank account

This is getting unnerving. I've added my US Bank bank accounts and they have green check marks on them. But when I go to redeem and then select "bank transfer",it takes me to a screen that says "Bank Transfer Redemption
A Bank Wire can be prompted anytime, anywhere via the Goldmoney platform or Mobile app. Set up the bank wire instructions for the bank account(s) you wish to redeem to. Once you've successfully set up your details our team will verify everything is set up properly and you are ready.". Then a manage bank accounts button, that when clicked on takes me to my US Bank accounts again with the green check marks. Its like the redemption process doesn't see that I have any bank accounts but I do. I've emailed support and it's been 4 days. This is costing me money in my business that I can't afford to lose right now. Please advise!


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    Sorry to hear that. It's disappointing to hear of support not getting back to people for days. (You have checked your spam folder though, right?)

    I assume you're talking about a Personal or Business account correct? In my Personal Account, when I click on "Bank Accounts" in the left navigation bar, I also see green checks next to my bank accounts. However, when I click on "Redeem", and then choose "Bank Transfer", I see my accounts without green checks. I have to click on one to choose it and then it gets an orange check mark. Then after clicking "Next" I'm allowed to choose the vault and amount I want to transfer.

    I doubt that helps you situation, but that's what I see, FWIW.

    @Melanie is staff. So maybe she can help.

    Unfortunately, at this point I'm guessing you may have to end up waiting until Monday though for the staff to get back and figured this out.
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