I Give Up....

I'm giving up on GoldMoney as I am now insulted! I apply for a GoldMoney Holding account and the GoldMoney site informs me that Equifax fails me. I have a high net worth, no debt, many, many investments, and have always paid my bills on time. I try the PDF form but it asks personal questions about the source of my wealth and wants a home phone number! I'm cancelling my home phone. It didn't matter anyway as the PDF form did not work so I was unable to submit it after much wasted time. I thought I would give the new Holding account a try but it appears that to get an account you need to be a billionaire........

I was an early adopter of BitGold and purchased many ounces of Gold to try out the service. After years of waiting for the Canadian MasterCard I gave up and redeemed my holdings. I expected nice shiny new Gold Maples since my holdings were in Toronto. Nope! I received old worn out coins shipped from Texas.

Then GoldMoney sends me emails about notifications I have in my Holding account. I guess they forgot that they didn't issue me a Holding account since they failed my application.

Technical support is amongst the worst I have ever experienced. It takes a minimum of many days for a response to a simple question or comment.

I do not recommend GoldMoney, especially if you're a Canadian.


  • SecretsSecrets Posts: 58 Bronze ✭✭✭
    When Equifax fails you its because you entered the information wrong. Its a verification process, not an evaluation of your net worth..
  • Churner77Churner77 Posts: 3 Tin ✭
    edited July 2017
    Hi Everytime i try to use Equifax verification i get this message.


    I have tried emailing support and no response... Everytime i do this it it running a credit check?? It's been like this for a few days. Anybody else have this issue? Or is there something wrong my end?
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