What's going on with debit card redemtion?

Still waiting for the redemtion, and I'm in great need now. how to trust GM if in time of need I'm the one that gets f****ed?

"I regret to inform you that we are currently experiencing a technical delay on our Mastercard provider. However, we are continually and diligently working in resolving it the soonest possible time. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding towards this."

how many days do you need for fix this technical delays? "as soonest possible time" what means, a week? a month? a year? a decade? Do you understand that some of us need to redeem gold to get some extra cash, do you understand that in this world are some inconveniences that appears and we have to fix for ourselves and need this cash?

"May you have a wonderful week ahead."

No, dude, is not a wonderful week, It could be nice, or normal if I hadn't the problems that I'm having and if I had access to this cash, sorry, but this weeks, not week, are the worst that I'm living.

I'm giving up too. very and very upset, and angry.


  • I guess ASAP means a year. I just got the same message. If Goldmoney has funding for all these projects, they should be able to hire and execute.

    I have seen some technical improvements but I really hope the user interface gets further simplified (as few screens as possible) and hope Active Trader is well integrated with the rest of the experience.
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