Community is now live for holdings

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Some good news to share.... the community is turned on and functional through a holding. Note the icon in the upper right


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    I'm seeing the same thing as you @GoldMatters

    I was expecting that it wouldn't recognize that I already have a profile connected to my Personal account and that it would ask me to create a new profile, but it automatically opened my existing profile. So it looks like I can access the same community profile from both my personal account and my Holding account now. Very nice!
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    @mr1 Im terrified to agree with you for fear I might earn another "disagree", but I think you know where I stand ;)
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    @GoldMatters Don't stress it GMH. I have a handful of disagrees that don't make any sense either. Every party has a party pooper. C'est la vie.
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    I agree with the "disagree" if they were referring to the "good" news part. I don't think it is "good" news... net. I was hoping for a clean slate with the new Holding so that they could remove ridiculous/defamatory discussions and posts or resolved personal complaint/issues.

    I'm not a party pooper either; I'm a huge fan of Goldmoney; and I have a decent % of my assets tied to the company.

    Just to add some perspective, part of my day-job is analyzing comments, complaints, call-center transcripts, and suggestions, and I have learned over the years that extracting insights (trends, common issues, high-risk issues, etc) from these data sources is just as important as protecting your brand. A young, growing, network-based, referral-based business cannot forget about the latter, or they are unlikely to hit the tipping point. I have also learned that these data sources are often fuel for legal battles, which usually stunt growth or at least create an unwanted obstacle for the company. This last statement is another reason why GM might consider internal complaint analysis....separate from open discussions.

    It is also hard for me refer others to the platform when I know that they will be met with numerous records of recent complaints in the community forum...even though the complaints might not even be applicable to my referral (due to Country, funding method, old personal accounts, one-time issues, etc)...and even though many of the complaints end up being user-error.

    (Honestly... with a straight, non-sarcastic tone)... What am I supposed to say to a potential referral? You have to try this revolutionary new gold-backed payments and savings's my bread and butter.... it's the lifeblood of the financial future....... but I will warn you, there are a lot of complaints in their community forum.

    Trust in the platform, or a brand, or a company's product is very fragile; and I would argue that one's credibility is just as fragile.
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    @GMONEY1 Totally respect your position. You bring up some very valid point referencing potential damage to the brand. Trust me, virtually no one cares more about the brand than I. It's pretty much all I think about. I've also disclosed that I am a shareholder.

    As to your question..... I would just stop after "future."

    I believe people are able to do their own due diligence. If someone happens to read the Community posts and decides that they prefer the risk of fractional reserve banking, and becoming unsecured creditors to their bank of choice, rather than using Goldmoney for their savings, that is completely their choice.

    Despite all the wide spread publications and literature against THAT system, which I'm quite certain are more far reaching than this humble community board, most of the population will choose that route anyway.

    Goldmoney only has 1,458,386 accounts, at the time of this writing, when compared to the number of people using a no-interest traditional banking system, I am sad to say our user base pales in comparison.... for now.

    My point is that I believe those that seek an alternative to other forms of savings accounts may or may not be scared off by some community posts.

    Nothing would give me more joy (okay maybe a kilobar of gold in my hand would provide at least equal joy) than to see glowing, positive, enthusiastic comments across this board.

    Believe it or not there was a time not too long ago when there was this kind of excitement here.

    The reality is though, we will go through many growing pains and difficulties on the way to become the blockbuster billion $ plus valuation company I believe we will once be.

    As every company does.

    I propose we time stamp this thread and return in six months. My suspicion is that all the current issues will be totally irrelevant. Sure we might be dealing with other problems in six months, but on some level there will always be issues that must be worked on and improved.

    I also suspect that we will have many thousands more users and a few more complaints. The company will have grown a lot in that time and the services improved.

    I also predict that I will will still be here, and I hope you will too.

    I believe the Goldmoney brand is stronger than many understand.


    PS @GMONEY1 I really do respect your opinion and I want to thank you for your contributions and insight here.
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