Alternative Supporting Document To Corfirm Our Address

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As in our application with GoldMoney will required additional attached document like fixed phone land lines to reconfirm our name and address are the same. If 5 in family with 1 fixed phone line number will not be possible to use the same document.

Then, most local and official correspondent even from government in a country, will use native language instead of English. Also not workable as supporting documents

As Canada too is under Commonwealth nation, I suggest the supporting document to be extended in confirming our name and address like letter from the Justice of Peace(JP) or lawyer's is sufficient for the above purpose.

Even our National ID add-up with driving licence too are well sufficient for the name and address confirmation.

I believe that no members depositing asset like money and gold will provide wrong information that will lose them and for members that eager to join BitGold and GoldMoney will eased them with unnecessary burden.


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    Hi @rohanibuang61 - while most of our users are lovely folks who have no intention of submitting incorrect information, there are some people who are not as honest and may have malicious intent. That is why we have strict KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies in place to protect the platform and other users. The Proof of Address document requirements are not only BitGold's requirements, but also MasterCard's, which is why the accepted documents are quite strict. We certainly don't wish to impede users from obtaining a card, but the policies are in place for a reason! You can submit any of the following documents that is addressed to you:

    - Utility Bill
    - Bank/Credit Card Statement
    - Tax Document
    - Insurance (Auto/Home) Certificate
    - Landline Telephone Bill
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    OK thanks @Melanie
    But still, I think the lawyer's letter or commissioner for oath letter in confirming our address specifically address to BitGold is hope to be considered by BitGold as a legal and valid supporting document.
    Maybe non of your mentioned documents requested is available to many of people who want to join BitGold.
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