Deposit in cash

Rj838Rj838 Posts: 217 Bronze ✭✭✭
Helloooo my fellow community members GMH @GoldMatters , @79Au197 , @GrandpaBrian, @GoldIsCurrency, @nigelmarkdias . @ithers and the rest of GM community.
It has been a while, but I am BACK.

Catching up on Goldmoneys announcements and community comments and feedback is the first thing on my list to do when I'm free and available and here I am.

I see the Ups of the Gold highs and the agony of the dips in addition to the projections are of all members concern still.
That has brought somewhat of an ease to have others to share these feelings with. :wink:

Now in terms of new and recent added services, I have not learnt.
I know that last time I was here my fellow GMH and I casually talked about and discussed how it would be great if one would actually be able to deposit in CASH into the GOLDMONEY account to add on more of the almighty Gold :smile: . Any news on that becoming closer to reality than a wish.??
I know that wishful thinking at Goldmoney goes along way :wink:


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