Bank transfer withdrawal not working !?

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@Melanie @KatyMillington

I just tried to initiate a bank transfer withdrawal from my personal account and every time it says an "unknown error has occured, please try again later". I don't want to try again later, I'd like to have the value of my gold right now. If the price of gold has dropped by the time that I'm able to withdraw will the price it was at when I first initiated the withdrawal be honored? I have screen shots as proof to show the USD value of my vaults at the time when I tried to redeem my gold balance. Please help!


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    Are you leaving enough for fees?
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    @StalkingButler If you would like to redeem the full value of your vault, please use the GAU (gold gram) currency option and enter the gold weight of your vault. As @GMONEY1 notes, make sure you are accounting for the 0.5 GAU fee (ie. subtract 0.5 from your total weight and submit this amount).
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    If the problem stems from not accounting for the fee, than I would think that there really needs to be some enhancements made to the code to give the users a useful explanation of the problem instead of a generic error like "unknown error has occured, please try again later".

    Can you pass that on?
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    So, just thought I'd leave an update. Thank you @Melanie for your help, your suggestion to use the GAU currency option worked. However, I'm somewhat disturbed that I was told to leave 0.5 GAU for a fee when I was 99% sure that all of the documentation that I've read had stated that ACH withdrawals were free. In the end I've had the full value of my gold confirmed as withdrawn (still need to check with my bank), but it's misinformation like this, lack of information, and a general sense that Goldmoney has lost is direction has lead me to take my money out of this business. @Melanie has always been very helpful in these forums, but I think I'll keep my gold in physical form for the foreseeable future or until Goldmoney has regained a clear vision.
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