Frank Curzio Podcast "Whats Really Moving Bitcoin"

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Everyone’s talking about Bitcoin.

For good reason too…

If you’d bought $1,000 of Bitcoin just 7 years ago, you’d be worth $35 million right now.

I’ve received hundreds of emails on the topic.

“How high can it go?… Is this gold’s replacement?… Should I buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency?”

Bitcoin has been around less than a decade – leaving your average investor, gold-bugs, and even government regulators with the same question…

“What’s really moving Bitcoin?”

So on today’s show, we’re taking a look under the hood of this intriguing, yet highly speculative digital currency…

I introduce Wall Street Unplugged listeners to CNBC contributor and Bitcoin expert, Edward Karr.

From the basics of Bitcoin to its complexities, like the blockchain, mathematical law, and the biggest risk for investors going forward – Ed covers everything you need to know.

More specifically, he explains why demand is now stronger than ever… and why recent volumes are proving to be a massive hedge against potential macroeconomic events.

If you’re interested in this megatrend, don’t miss Ed’s unbiased and informative take.
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