Bill Holter & Lynnete Zang Interview

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2 powerhouses on the Economical Sector, Precious Metal Markets, etc... Talking about the banking sector, cryptos, metals and much more.


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    Dr. Mark Thornton joins Mises Weekends to explain the "business cycle" for what it really is: a series of booms (credit expansion) and busts (debt de-leveraging) engineered by central banks.

    Mises says ;economics can tell us only
    that a boom by credit expansion will not last; economics cannot tell
    us what amount of credit expansion,,, when this will start,, the meltdown or when this event
    will occur!!! that can be unsatisfying for people...

    Mises tells people ,it warns people,
    that if you do have a credit induced boom
    that ultimately things are going to get very ugly!!!

    """"" Borrowing more money from the future is easy, painless and requires no trade-offs,
    sacrifices or accountability--until the debt-addicted economy collapses under its
    own weight of debt service and insolvency []"""""

    Thanks to ................. Mike Maloney
    Published on 13 Jul 2017
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