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    Jim is great, but picking dates is a fool's errand.
    That said... my date is tomorrow... or Friday .... or Monday... :wink:
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    edited July 2017
    @GMONEY1 I agree 100%. Not even the most intelligent and knowledgeable person should pick dates.

  • GMONEY1GMONEY1 Posts: 426 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    @Marco_1983 True! ... I'm 0 for 2 so far .... I guess it's going to be Monday! :wink:

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    Legendary investor Jim Rogers joins Kitco News for an interview to discuss his predictions for the biggest financial crisis we’ll see in our lifetimes.

    Published on 24 Jul 2017
  • GMONEY1GMONEY1 Posts: 426 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    His suspenders!!
  • Marco_1983Marco_1983 Posts: 152 Bronze ✭✭✭
    I have a lot of respect for both Rickards and Rogers. Very knowledgeable and smart individuals. However, I can't stand it when Rickards says "you should not be putting more than 10% in Gold" and when Rogers says "I own gold but I'm not buying". Both of them believe Gold will skyrocket to 5 digits, yet they have these huge limitations in buying it.

    IMO, if you believe in Gold (and Silver), you should be "all in" while dollar cost averaging, like Mike Maloney.

    Pay your bills, food and water, keep some cash on the side, buy some cryptos if you'd like, but for crying out loud go all in metals!
  • GMONEY1GMONEY1 Posts: 426 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    What is said (publicly), and what is done (privately) are not necessarily the same thing.

    From my experience, traders and macro investors don't really give out their whole playbook... so all opinions are really just out there to help you craft your own thesis, strategy, and/or tactics. (Or perhaps those opinions are just noise that could potentially cloud judgment or assumptions in a thesis ...and they could/should carry less weight... that's for each of us to decide)

    My takeaway from Rickard's metal allocation is use common sense given that we all know antagonistic forces do exist in the space (namely govts, bullion banks, or opportunistic traders who "don't care" what the nominal price is as long as there is enough volatility to make big fiat gains). Plus, a 10% allocation also allows you to double or triple your position if your timing and nominal direction is off... or even doubling UP into momentum if you want to.

    Position sizing/ allocation is definitely something that should be well thought out.
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