Romanian Touristic Gold Tour - history, nature and business, all centered on Gold

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Hello everyone,

Gold'N'Roll partnered with Romania Active, a Romanian adventure travel agency, to organize the Romanian Touristic Gold Tour.
The tour is about history, nature and business, all centered on Gold.

We're welcomed by your guide - this is me - on any Saturday or Sunday from March 15 to October 7, at the Otopeni International Airport in Bucharest. That should give us enough time to visit at least the center of the city.

Monday morning we'll go together to the Romanian State Mint, for history and business. You'll visit the museum and you can also learn more about the Mint's products and services. The Mint refines gold at competitive prices, buys gold and sells assayed gold bars.

In the afternoon we'll travel 325 km to the West, to Tismana, in the southern Carpathian mountains. We'll stay overnight in a traditional southern Romanian guesthouse.

Tuesday morning, we'll visit the Romanian National Bank Treasure Museum at the Tismana Monastery. This is the place where during WW2, the Romanian secret services, army, church and railways teamed up to transport and hide 320 tons of Gold from Bucharest to protect it from the Nazis. Later on, that Gold had to be moved overnight in a cave nearby, that we'll also visit.

In the afternoon we'll travel 260 km to the North, to Rosia Montana: the center of the Romanian Gold mining industry in the heart of the Transylvanian Carpathian mountains. We'll stay overnight at a traditional Transylvanian guesthouse.

Wednesday morning we'll visit the Gold Museum and the ancient Roman Galleries. We'll descend dozens of meters underground in the galleries caved by Roman slaves with only hammer picks and chisels. The Gold is still bright visible on the cracks in the walls.

If you're interested in investing in the Romanian gold mining, in the afternoon we can visit the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation and its main shareholder, Gabriel Resources Ltd. We can also visit them upon our return in Bucharest.

Thursday we'll be a trekking day around Rosia Montana, not too difficult. We'll admire the natural beauty of the Transylvanian low mountains and hopefully we'll take a day off-Gold :)

Friday we'll drive 6 hours and 430 km back to Bucharest. If you have the return flight on Friday, it should be late in the evening. Saturday would be better.

The tour will be for 1 to 3 persons.

This year 2017, the tour is only available starting October 2nd and October 9. In 2018 the tour will start with March 19.
I will come up soon with brochures and videos for the tour.

My intention here is to give a preview and a primacy offer of the Romanian Touristic Gold tour to the most warm Gold community that I know. This is also about sharing a little about the history of Gold in Romania.

For pricing and booking, I would propose to move the discussion on or email contact (at)




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