Why is this guy associating Goldmoney to Soros???

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I really hope Goldmoney has nothing to do with Soros and that this guy is wrong. Thoughts?


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    I believe that a Soros-connected investment fund bought some GoldMoney stock as a private placement or at the IPO. I considered my adversion to Soros, and decided that Soros also is a smart investor, and that there'd be no political undertones hidden here.
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    The Soros fund invested in BitGold series A finance at the very beginning. Shrewd investing at its best. Details are mentioned here.
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    You are in big trouble if you believe every thing you see and read on the internet. Not sure why they are spreading lies.
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    Guys, I'm NOT saying I believe this guy. The reason I posted this is to interact with the community and read your opinions. Thanks for the"disagree", but the title of my post was a QUESTION, not a affirmation. :wink:
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    This Jeff Berwick did some shady stuff in the past with people's money I trust nothing he says. Something to do with dual passports lot of people lost money. Schiffs moral standards are miles above this Jeff guys.
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    @Murphy Ok, see? Now this is an example of a good answer that may help me understand what type of guy this Jeff Berwick is. Thank you.

    Much better than a "disagree" with no explanation. Again people, you disagree to an affirmation. Not to a question.
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    Also, thanks to @IrishGuy and @HClausen for your answers.
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    @GoldIsCurrency Well said.

    Just an update on the Texas Gold Depository. The Texas government selected an Austin based company to manage the depository.

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    @Marco_1983 thanks
    Hold gold.
    BITCOIN is an just another vehical ,and we make a choice.
    There are many who have a deposite account earning 0.03 per cent
    My gold holding is as of now 14per cent ..up!
    Soros is a boring old fart...he will be dead soon ....his impact is very negligible in the financial space,,media over hype thats all.
    Peter Schiffs Is entitled to hold his position /opinion.
    I have bought my gold from Schiffs Gold And was treated very professionaly ...
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    @GoldIsCurrency Good info. Thanks much for sharing. I'm glad I used a somewhat provocative title for this post. :smile:

    Yes, I've heard about AnthemVault guy and did some research on it and did not like it either. Did not know he had anything to do with this Jeff
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    @Tex Thanks Tex. Also thank you for the link. I was not aware the Texas Gold Depository has finally awarded the contract.

    An interesting article to read from Back in October of 2015. Has some quoted comments and suggestions from some of the various participants who were competing for this contract, including Goldmoney.
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    @Marco_1983 I watched an interview maybe about a month back with Jeff and Anthem sitting in someones backyard it looked like. Trying to promote anthem and gold. The way Jeff was bashing gold in the above posted video I know it is surprising he would be promoting anything related to gold. Anyways, Jeff has lost all the respect I had for him.
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    I disregard Berwick and others who slander the company. It's just not right.

    Schiff is right about so many things (ie systemic risks), but his forthright delivery are off-putting to many (even though it's usually in self-defense). I find his message refreshing --- wake up people... our numeraire is being diluted to worthlessness --- but his tone and delivery worry me sometimes bc he has/makes his fair share of "enemies". Roy's tone and delivery are a bit like that too sometimes... but I certainly do agree with the message and vision.

    That said, I think the main reasons why they teamed up are synergies and mutual benefits ... not the globalist bs:
    -BitGold/Goldmoney had the IP and they were further along in the payment software development lifecycle. Give for GM: Take for Schiff
    -Schiff had an established network and some celeb status. Give for Schiff: Take for GM.

    The Soros bit is ridiculous; he is/was an investor with a small share of the company. I don't see a problem with that.

    I do think that someone is manipulating the stock though... and I do have a problem with that... But stocks are risk assets. At the end of the day, we (GM customers, Schiff, GM leadership) are all part of a historic contrarian movement.... and that is a very challenging position to be in.

    Stay strong. Stay positive. Maintain a true moral compass. Take the high road. Peace, Love, Happiness, Gold.

    Enjoy the weekend! Peace ya'll.
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    @GoldIsCurrency I'm excited that my fellow Texans are setting up a depository and opening it up to all in Texas residents. Im looking forward to the finished product. It will definitely strengthen the state.

    I wanted a Goldmoney account back in 2004 but the process to open and fund was a bit cumbersome back then. Loved the concept though. That article you posted above is the one that lead me to give GM a second look and opening an account last year.
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    edited July 2017
    @Marco_1983 Isn't it funny how different we view things? I know Soros is not the nicest of people (he speculated hard against the swedish Krona back in 1992 and the outcome of that was that all Swedes over night lost a lot of value).

    My view of him is that he is very competent and the fact that Soros had invested in Bitgold was basically what made me confident to deposit in the first place.
  • Marco_1983Marco_1983 Posts: 152 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @Skookum_Jim Yes, it is funny how different we view things, and I think it is very good thing, because it makes us learn from one another.
    From my post you may understand I do not like Soros as a person/investor. However, I believe in Goldmoney and I do not care if he has/had a small share of the company. Again, I wanted to make a provocative post to read all kinds of thoughts on this.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    My apologies to the community for going off like a Green Beret sniper taking some dirty bird ISIS out with my prior post. I think my patience for the slanderous fiction tellers ran dry when I saw this video. I have enjoyed some of Jeff Berwicks videos in the past so I found it shocking to see him post such a ridiculous video which lacked TRUTH.

    There was a bitcoin vs gold debate between Naomi Brockwell and Peter Schiff on July 20th at the Scandal Of Money show being held in Vegas. Considering Jeff pumped out this video on July 21st he obviously had his feathers ruffled from whatever was said in that debate about bitcoin. Jeffs love for bitcoin is no reason to try and smear Peter Schiff or GM. Extremely childish of Jeff. “It really makes you wonder about Jeff.“

    I used to have some respect for Jeff Berwick but his lack of ability to do so much as an ounce of research shows me the type of guy he really is. Maybe Jeff needs to lay off the bleep and do a little research?

    Soros owns very few shares of Goldmoney so I am not sure why anyone in a sober mind could call GM a Soros controlled company. Seriously, is 2-3% of all the shares outstanding a position of control? Soros own about the same percentage of Coca Cola so does that mean Coke is a Soros controlled company? I have as much control over GM and Coke as Soros does. The people that are pumping this garbage are bloody insane and uneducated to the FACTS!

    Keep in mind Jeff is friends with Anthem Blanchard. Anthem has a little ma and pop sized gold company. (I checked out the only address I could find on AnthemVaults website which is referenced as their mailing address and discovered the location is a little plaza with subway sandwiches, a tattoo shop, barber shop, spa & Pony Express MailBox Services LMAO) I dont see AnthemVault on the sign out front of the little plaza so I would bet my last dollar the Anthem address is Pony Express MailBox Services. What a total joke.

    From what I have read on the internet
    I am getting the impression Anthem has his panties all in a bunch as he is competing against Goldmoney (among other companies) for a contract with this Texas Gold Depository. So instead of fairly competing like a real man,.. well you know...

    If you want a good chuckle check out Anthems About Us page. All he talks about is how he was total awesome sauce when he worked at Goldmoney a stone-age ago. (Living in the past (2002-2008) and not much to say about the present) Loser.


    Pony Express Mail Box Services - Yeah I am going to trust my money with a company that appears to not even have a real address, LMAO no way in hell.

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    I was thinking the same thing. Not sure why crypto guys get so bleep hurt when someone questions crypto. It seems a slanderous hit piece pops up on YouTube whenever anyone involved with GM points out what they think are flaws in crypto.
  • TexTex Posts: 197 Bronze ✭✭✭
    lol "gluteus maximus" was changed to bleep
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    Back to the original post: I couldn't stomach watching the whole video, but there's more to be said about Soros. He's much more than a "boring old fart", he funds Open Society, Black Lives Matter and a whole string of other pseudo-NGO's that drown out genuine NGO's, purchase revolutions (Orange Revolution being the prime example), and destabilizing classical democracy.
    If I suspected that Soros had more than a purely monetary relation to Goldmoney, I would stay far away. Related, I do hope that Soros was not using his influence to make Goldmoney Sharia-compliant...
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    Tex said:

    @GoldIsCurrency I'm excited that my fellow Texans are setting up a depository and opening it up to all in Texas residents. Im looking forward to the finished product. It will definitely strengthen the state.

    I wanted a Goldmoney account back in 2004 but the process to open and fund was a bit cumbersome back then. Loved the concept though. That article you posted above is the one that lead me to give GM a second look and opening an account last year.

    I am in Texas right now. Have family here. I do not live here but am in the state quite a bit. I can't wait for this to open. I am opening an account for sure. Once I make my move here down the road. I'll be set up already with an account.
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    @TimK It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. I hope to see more states doing similar things. Strong states = a strong country.

    @HClausen I believe it was soros's sons who purchased shares. To @GoldIsCurrency 's point. As you can see here the george soros fund owns a little of a lot of companys
    but again, if I'm correct, it wasn't gerge who bought shares initially but it was his sons.
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