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I'm just about done reading "Why the Rich are Getting Richer" by Robert Kiyosaki. In there he recommends "When Money Destroys Nations" by Philip Hasalm . Has anyone read that book?


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    I apologize about the huge image. I should have checked the size before I included it.
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    I haven't read that one, currently reading:
    The Mandibles
    Supercycles (Motianey)
    Fooled by Randomness (Taleb)

    Supercycles seems like something you'd see in a grad school course. Publisher is McGraw Hill and very informative. The appendix has a great section on gold.

    Another good read for Math minds is How Not to be Wrong (Ellsberg). and The Improbability Principle (Hand). Those two are not necessarily about gold, but rather they'll add some perspective to "rare" events.
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    Then of course, Flash Boys (Lewis) if you are looking to strengthen an argument to explain how markets are rigged.
    I'd actually like to see Lewis write about bullion bank shenanigans... it'd be entertaining.
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    @GMONEY1 I will try to get some books in your list. thanks for sharing!
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