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Hello everyone,

Based on a discution one year ago - Merchant Map, Locator, Directory - I added a map with businesses accepting payment in Gold on the Gold'N'Roll website:

GoldNRoll Online Marketplace

If you want your business to be added on the map, create an account and a profile on the site and give me the details of your business (name, website, gps locations). You can do it from the Contact form of the site or directly at contact (at) goldnroll (dot) com.

You may further add items (products and services) that your business exchanges on Gold. Items are searchable. is free to use , though we accept donations in form of Gold or :heart: for sound money :blush:

For the moment the map allows only pan and zoom. If the number of the business will increase I'll add search, hover and click functions.




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    edited July 2017
    Hello and sorry for our ISP outage today, was unavailable for the last several hours.

    The site is back so I added pushpin click functionality to open your business website url in a new tab on click.
    Hoping this helps for whoever will want to be added to the merchants map :smiley:
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