Unable to activate/load my pre-paid card

Can anyone here advise?
I have received a pre-paid card for my Full Holdings account, but there are conflicting instructions on how to activate, and load, the card. The letter that came with the card states I would receive an access code via email, which I never received (and I've triple checked my email).

I've also logged in to my account, but there is no option to "activate" my card and receive a PIN.

Also, when I click to "load" the card, it brings me to the "manage funds" screen to "withdraw funds" and only gives me the option to sell metal with an option to select the prepaid card as a destination. It then also states that I do not have any available funds matching the currency of the selected PrePaid card, therefore forcing me to select a bank account. This defeats the purpose of having the prepaid card which I should be able to load quickly.
Please advise.


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