Peter Schiff: Ep. 272: Dow Tops 22K but Market's Foundation Has Cracks


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    its worse than peter thinks ......Apple's valuation may be considered good value on both the growth and value sides of the investment management landscape. In addition to strong fundamentals, Apple continues to pay a healthy dividend and buy back was the only share to really grow[?????] helping the Dow Top 22K.....

    but there is a big nasty !!!!....Apple Now Owns $51.5 Billion In Treasurys ... rest of Apple's holdings..Corporate Securities: $150.6 billion

    now we all know that the market is over top on value ,,,an expected drop of 80 per cent is reasonable which means 150. 6billion
    becomes a 30 billion ....a loss of value 120 billion [if your interested see at the end of the editorial

    search term [ i cant link directly to this ]
    Apple Now Owns $51.5 Billion In Treasurys, More Than Mexico, Turkey Or Norway

    [may fail to link]

    may be they could have invested in gold suggested by peter re switzerland

    @Campeador good post ...
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    if i can just add debt is making economies shrink .. hold gold .

    Published on 24 Jul 2017
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    I tell everybody to go to Market Watch and pick any stock ticker. If you go to the Insider section you will see CEOs and their minions getting awarded stocks by the thousands. Then, sell them back to their own companies. That tells me, the big dogs are cashing out. Their Corps getting cheap money to support the buyback progams.

    Is a racket...!
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