Clif High on USA Watchdog with Greg Hunter.

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Clif High is one of those guys that has some very interesting/odd ideas. Some, you might have to take it with a grain of salt, some... stuff to consider. They talk about Cryptos, Politics, Gold/Silver and few other things. To me, is information to keep stored, just in case there is a change on tides. Clif made an interesting observation of Cryptos based on Silver than Gold. The point is, Silver is super way under priced and is a metal that has Industrial and Money value.

One of the things I that I truly believe. When the $hit hit the fan, it will be chaos. People will be scrambling to safeguard their wealth. Like a Casino and there are multiple of different game tables. The lucky ones, are the ones that will be playing the right game, and able to shift to another game with their winnings. I say, Gold will surge like a tidal wave; do you want to ride the wave, or get off on its peak? If want to get off, what are you going to ride?

Is too early in the game on what Cryptos to jump in. Clif mentioned the US Civil War and all the currencies created by multiple banks; which one prevailed? Is some to consider when choosing a Crypto; which horse is going to win?

In the meantime... Learn about Cryptos, how they work, learn the technology. Education is paramount at this point in the game.

Making an educated guess is way better than an ignorant guess.


  • vangvang Posts: 6 Tin ✭
    Yup! When you look at our financial system it is obvious it will fail. No scam lasts forever and Gold has a solid 5000 year track record :smile:

    I am taking a similar approach with Goldmoney and Bitcoin, dollar cost averaging 100 bucks a month over time. There are ups and downs but when the music stops I will be happy to have a seat at the table. Working well so far... I get that it all could expire worthless but I view it as an insurance policy against financial collapse, may "expire worthless" some day but at least I was protected.

    Here is my Coinbase link, we both get 10 bucks if you sign up here.
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    @vang Dollar cost averaging is the BEST way to accumulate/invest. Keep it up. Gold Silver and Cryptos (the right ones, not all) are the way to go. Slowly accumulate now and you'll be happy later.
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