Goldmoney to write an open letter to the UK PM

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Dear Goldmoney,

This is a perfect timing for us to turn a bad news into an opportunity: write an open letter to the Brittish PM, stating clearly that the payment of wages in Gold is not intented to aviod taxation, but is intented to protect both business and employees from currency devaluation.

Ssk in the letter that instead of banning the payment of wages in Gold, the Government accepts the payment of taxes in bullion. This is a proof of good faith from the community of people using Gold as money; the Government should in turn act in good faith and allow us to choose our way of protection from inflation. If the Government doesn't want to keep Gold from taxes in reserves, it can sell it imemdiatley upon receipt on the LBMA market.

Best wishes!


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    @GoldNRoll - Pearls before Swine: unfortunately, most of my fellow UK citizens are ignorant about capital - even allegedly, "educated" people sneer if you propose that gold is currency, a store of value & likely to underpin post-fiat economics.... However, on the same note, cryptocurrency is an exponentially worse topic of discussion for inducing torpid, fatuous comment from the ill-informed but opinionated, "man-in-the-street"

    Serfdom is being renationalised in the UK

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