depositing money into my account

Can i personally drive to a physical GOLDMONEY office and deposit money to my account? I understand there are one in Manhattan,NYC and also in Toronto, Canada.

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    @delschwartz The Goldmoney branches are not open yet, so I don't think you'd be able to do a transaction in person... yet.

    The current available deposit methods should show up in your account:
    For a "Holding" account, you need to "Add funds" under "Manage Funds"... then you'd be able to buy metals.
    For an older "Personal" account, you'd click on "Deposit", and your options appear.

    I'm guessing the online process will become slightly easier in the near future, but it may be some time before you can walk into a branch and have an in-person teller-esque-facilitated transaction.

    I'd suggest trying online and then reach out to support directly if you have an issue. And if wire fees are the issue (as a % of the amount), perhaps you can locate a friend locally who has already established an account, give them cash or btc or whatever trade/payment, and have them send you gold through your holding to get started**. All the while, you can be saving up to make a bigger deposit via wire so the effective % is lower.

    e.g. depositing $100 via wire with $30 fees wouldn't make sense, but maybe depositing $1-10K for $30 wire fee is more reasonable.

    (** this is not financial advice... make sure you read T&C's and follow the reporting laws and regs in your jurisdiction)
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