Pending Pending Pending!!!!!

SUPERFLY9898SUPERFLY9898 Posts: 38 Copper ✭✭
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Had enough. Needed to sell my gold to my debit card to buy something online. Ridiculous. Pending..... Peter Schiff said Bitcoin won't last because others will start the same with better service. Well Goldmoney is the same. It can't expect success if it does not do things in an efficient manner. I would not be bothered with the stress of it all.
I will just have to shutdown my computer and hope that what I want to buy using my Goldmoney prepaid card is still for sale later and my money is in my card!!
After that goodbye Goldmoney I'm going elsewhere!!


  • ReallylikecryptoReallylikecrypto Posts: 51 Copper ✭✭
    That's really frustrating!

    Are you outside of the US? I charged my card, used it online and it didn't show that is was charged but it processed without an issue, then it took a day or so for the transaction to show up.
  • SUPERFLY9898SUPERFLY9898 Posts: 38 Copper ✭✭
    I'm in the UK. The time it takes from when selling Gold to loading it on the prepaid card varies way too much. Because of this it is not suitable for me and I am sure many other people. It can be instant. Then other times many hours. It really was frustrating.
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