You Deserve Better - Sweeping Changes to CS Coming!



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    @rfallona thanks for the info. We do know that Goldmoney is hiring more customer support personnel. Hopefully response times will improve.
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    @rfallona Can you tell me what Schiff Gold said and how to physically redeem?
    I asked that same question from my RM about a week and a half ago and haven't received a response. I've been a client for almost a year and I just don't understand the lack of service, especially on very simple question like how do I redeem for physical.
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    The bad news is that Schiff Gold can't do the transfers YET but will be doing it in the future. That is the reason GoldMoney acquired Schiff Gold. Wealth/Holding customers can redeem gold/silver via "registered" bars, but that is only available from specific vaults. I haven't tried that. Bit Gold did have a redemption process but I have no clue where that stands now.
  • rfallonarfallona Posts: 9 Tin ✭
    I did finally get a response from my personal representative, Alberto Miranda. Although he didn't give a date, Schiff Gold will be providing physical delivery options similar to what GoldMoney Personal accounts have/had.
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    @rfallona Thank you for updating the community
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    @Goldmatters I appreciate your work and you thanking users for updating the community. However, there are many discussions from users (including several of mine) that had not been answered from any of you admins/moderators. Could you please go through at least the last 10-20 discussions and seek for the question/problems that had not been answered/solved?

    Thanks in advance from the whole community
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,035 Admin
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    Hi Marco!

    As explained in my introductory post, I read and pass on every concern to relevant parties. The Community is not designed for Customer Support issues, but is for general discussion and a way for Goldmoney clients to interact with one another.

    Having said that, as I said in my introductory post, I do read every post. I am here to help the community, not by providing direct answers to customer support questions - those should be routed through the assigned support channels- but to identify problems and make sure the staff at Goldmoney is aware of them.

    Rest assured I do this every day. Community members don't always come back to the community and provide an update when issues are resolved, which is why problems sometimes seem unresolved, and which is why I like to thank community members when they DO provide an update.

    Thank you for advocating on behalf of community members. I share this sentiment completely!

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    @Goldmatters Thanks for your prompt response.

    I know the community is not designed for customer support, but since customer support often does not work, it is normal that users use the community to seek for help.

    I have no doubt you read all the posts, however you often seem to not answer/update all of them but the ones that already have been solved. It is clear that many of them aren't solved, as you can see, and we would like some explanation from you admins on why the staff isn't solving the problems or at least updating the community on when and how they are going to be solved.

    For example, look at my discussion "Upgrade from Basic to Full Holding 2.0 ??". This is just one of several posts/discussions that I've brought up regarding that subject. Has anyone updated/answered me? NO. And it's been like this for months.

    I'm not saying it is your fault. Don't know who's fault is. I'm just trying to point out that maybe, just maybe, something is NOT working here.
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    @rfallona Thank you for the update.
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    Between the high frequency of threads related to these service issues and the Equifax scandal, I have yet to upgrade my account. I hope the new branches will house the call centres for support in the months to come.
  • mr1mr1 Posts: 375 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    The new branches are small retail locations. I don't think they're planning on putting an call centers in the retail spaces.
  • PowerlunchmoneyPowerlunchmoney Posts: 274 Bronze ✭✭✭
    I thought that was mentioned in one of the news releases, as they'll need support across the globe. Or maybe thats something I fabricated in my brain lol :p Either way, I want to see these growing pains go away.
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    Roy Sebag said:

    Dear Goldmoney Client,

    Take the time to open a Holding as approvals take between 1-2 days given the demand we are seeing. We will be uploading a blog post and video shortly which will help you transition quickly.

    As always, we appreciate your continued support and confidence in our company. We are here to serve you and protect your hard-earned surplus!

    Best Regards,

    Roy Sebag

    I signed up in mid-September and three weeks later my account is still in pending status. Others have voiced similar concerns in this community. How can you state that it takes 1-2 days?
  • FreedomroadFreedomroad Posts: 40 Tin ✭
    Hi: I'm a longtime member (first few months w Bitgold) and had no trouble till now. On Oct 21 I executed a redemption of physical. On 23 Oct it was approved. It is now 27 Oct and no contact/no information. Sent 2 emails. No response. It said should hear within 2 days. No way to phone CS. What can I do please?
  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 793 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Hey @Freedomroad you can wait another 4 weeks like I have. 3 attempts to contact customer service and no response other than the autoresponder email. Now I have had this problem with other physical gold redemptions and they came through eventually despite the delay and lack of contact. But it is still frustrating.
  • Lone_StarrLone_Starr Posts: 104 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Customer service is sloooowwwww It took two months to receive a response back about a couple simple questions. The customer service agent is always pleasant and helpful. I think the real problem lays with the guys in charge. They are ADD focused on everything except the core business and taking care of it and that's a darn shame.
  • CodyGoldCodyGold Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    Same deal here too, 5 weeks and still unverified. Someone needs to step in to communicate to customers because people will only wait so long before giving up. Just totally bizarre behavior from a company to be honest. They should have staff tending to questions on these forums. That seems obvious to me
  • mr1mr1 Posts: 375 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    > @CodyGold said:
    > They should have staff tending to questions on these forums. That seems obvious to me

    I agree.

    @Melanie used to be a big help as a staff member on the forums but I just looked her up and she hasn't been on since August. And her profile actually says "banned", so maybe she left the company. I wonder.

    @Goldmatters was a community member brought on as staff to help with community relations but he seemed to say he's not here to help individual users, but to act as liason to the company.

    It doesn't seem like there's any particular staff member dedicated to helping with problems brought up on the community, or to communicating out for the company.
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,035 Admin
    Hi @mr1! Thank you for your continued contributions here. You are an awesome community member and I see you doing amazing work helping others on this forum. This is the exact thing I would try to do here on the community since the almost very beginning of this community’s formation.

    Just a small clarification, I do actually help individual clients here by passing their issues on to appropriate support every day. I am actually able to help the community as a liaison more effectively by passing individual issues directly to support staff, making sure they are seen, than I was up to just a few months back as solely a community member.

    As I have said community members often don’t update the status of their problem ( and of course are under no obligation to!) so many things appear to 3rd parties to be unresolved, when they have in fact been addressed..... OR are in progress, which is between the client and their CS member or Relationship Manager.

    I am not claiming there are not outstanding issues. I am merely saying that every report I receive here on the community is passed on, which is what I promised to do in the introductory post you have linked.

    I do greatly appreciate your continued support and feedback, and once again want to remind the community that your concerns, and specific problems all get passed on, usually within the same hour they are posted here.

    Thank you,

  • mr1mr1 Posts: 375 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Roy Sebag just posted this on twitter:
    "Goldmoney clients waiting on Equifax verification: We've just pushed some new code which will make the process far easier. Give it a shot."

    Does that sound like it will help you?
  • GoldIsCurrencyGoldIsCurrency Posts: 1,814 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Marco_1983 Marco, my understanding is they are hiring more service support staff. I had heard another half dozen. Sometimes the hiring process can be cumbersome to find the RIGHT people.
  • Marco_1983Marco_1983 Posts: 152 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @mr1 Equifax does not do any good for me since I live in EU.
    I would need Goldmoney to get rid of the verification form and implement a human, simple, normal verification process like the majority of sites have: Upload of document + upload of bank statement + address info. That is all a company needs to verify its own users.
    Thanks for your reply though, I really appreciate it.

    @GoldIsCurrency A well established company like Goldmoney Inc. should have the RIGHT people in their support staff (or any kind of staff) WAY BEFORE EVEN THINKING about offering a service.
  • GoldIsCurrencyGoldIsCurrency Posts: 1,814 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Marco_1983 I was just trying to give you some assurance that they are working on hiring more support staff. I stopped by the Goldmoney Toronto branch last week and this is one of things I asked about. I don't appreciate your tone towards me in your response. I don't work for the company and have spent lots of my own personal hours trying to help people out. I wish you good luck sir.
  • mr1mr1 Posts: 375 Silver ✭✭✭✭

    I stopped by the Goldmoney Toronto branch last week and this is one of things I asked about.

    @GoldIsCurrency so the Toronto branch is open for business? I was there for the investor meeting at the end of September, but it wasn't clear when they would actually start having normal business hours. I thought I saw Roy Sebag post today that the grand opening will be in a few days. Do they have it open now, prior to the official launch?
  • mr1mr1 Posts: 375 Silver ✭✭✭✭

    I do greatly appreciate your continued support and feedback, and once again want to remind the community that your concerns, and specific problems all get passed on, usually within the same hour they are posted here.

    @Goldmatters If that statement above is correct, I'd really like to suggest that in addition to just passing on problems, that you also post some type of quick note under those problems, to let the community know that they are being worked on.

    Take this thread as an example:
    Multiple people bring up a specific problem (long wait time on verification), yet there is no sign whatsoever in the thread that anyone from Goldmoney is acknowledging the problem.

    There seem to be too many threads like that without any sign of a response from Goldmoney. It would be really helpful to the community if you or some other Admin could post something, anything, on threads like that to show that they are being heard. Heck, I'm willing to do it if you make me an Admin.

  • GoldIsCurrencyGoldIsCurrency Posts: 1,814 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    @mr1 I had to pass by that way to pick something up. Paris was at the branch so I had the opportunity to talk to her. I presume by the time you see this post you will have already seen the below announcement. Cheers.
  • theYiffertheYiffer Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    With all due respect to everyone here, I live in a city (San Antonio) that wants to do all sorts of "big" things. But the goofs who run it can't seem to ever get the basics right let alone achieve the "big" . Goldmoney reminds me too much of the city of San Antonio. Goldmoney has all sort of big ideas in the works, but it can't seem to get the basics done in a timely manner. I've been reading about this all through the community forums.

    I've been a customer for a good long while. I currently own a GM personal account to diversify my assets. Since it doesn't make much sense for me to use my gold holdings beyond a store of wealth (since the US Government will tax my gold transactions), I don't ask for too much else. Hell, the debit card is a cherry on my ice cream, because it makes it more convenient to transfer my wealth down the line. But I honestly couldn't give a two flips about the new brick and mortar branches. I don't ever plan to visit a physical branch because I assume that I can get things done on Goldmoney's website. If Goldmoney can nail the basics down, I will be ecstatic.

    I made the mistake this morning attempting to migrate to a new holding account and was prevented from completing the verification process by the step involving Equifax. I don't know why GM is using an unreputable company like Equifax to verify my identity since they have such a difficult time keeping my private information off the dark-web.

    In the meantime, I will sit on my hands and see where GM goes from here. I will also keep my personal account for the foreseeable future. I realize that GM is going through some changes, and that's fine. But don't pull resources from the things that GM has already committed to while trying to expand GM's services. So far that strategy has been a massive fail.

  • Marco_1983Marco_1983 Posts: 152 Bronze ✭✭✭

    There is no "tone" toward you at all. I was just highlighting that a well establish company needs to have the right staff before offering any kind of service. I think it is just common sense and I'm just replying to you without any sort of anger or "tone". If you understood differently, well, my excuses to you then. I think all here can see that my statement/reply to you above was purely common sense and that clearly the right thing to do for a company before offering anything is to have their staff well chosen, checked and up and running smoothly.

    A lot of the time I get misunderstood here, maybe because I say things pretty straightforward and point out the facts. Anyway, thanks for your reply. I appreciate you helping people out even though you do not have to. Again, my disappointment was towards the company, not towards you. Hope you understand. Have a great weekend.

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