You Deserve Better - Sweeping Changes to CS Coming!



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    @Marco_1983 Fair enough. I appreciate the kind response/clarification.
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    @GoldIsCurrency Thanks for understanding. I appreciate it.
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    Not so long ago, this forum home page had lots of great posts about gold and sound money, now all we have is support requests. I hope this is still in the works.
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    @Powerlunchmoney I agree. I still logon often, but the complaints/support issues were getting to me honestly. I didn't want to take the extra time to sift through it all. And I've mentioned before that an open forum runs the risk of damaging the brand and trust in the company.

    That said...

    There will be a lot to discuss on the upcoming earnings call. I hope that Roy et al address some of the growing pains and prospects:
    -customer support availability
    -Holding account verification time and process... and the rate of new users and platform adoption.
    -the extent to which users are diversifying their portfolio of metals and currencies (i.e. are users using the metal to metal transfers etc)
    -Additional ways of getting money OUT of holding (ACH... and why are card load fee 1% on Holding)
    -Timing on ColdBlocks and crypto purchase/sales/holdings
    -Mene inventory update
    -Status on Toronto Branch traffic and Next branch.
    -Roadmap/timing for the "exchange" part of the company

    Their stock has done quite well this year, but there is still a lot of work to do.
    Looking forward to hearing about (and see them follow through with) these items.
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    I think I'm agreeing with you on your first point @GMONEY1. These forums may have run out their usefulness.

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    If you haven't, I think you should email your list of questions/topics to Goldmoney to make sure they address them directly.

    Their press release said questions can be emailed here:
    [email protected]
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    I think I'm agreeing with you on your first point @GMONEY1. These forums may have run out their usefulness.

    Seems to sum it all up for now - hopefully it will change!

    I have no hard feelings on goldmoney, managed to move all my gold via the mastercard out to revolut and the gains on shares paid for all the fees i had and then some. A years experience with goldmoney was interesting to say the least.

    I hope management are successful in getting the basics running and please remove poor @Goldmatters [email protected] so he can be allowed to act the way i know he really would have wanted to in this community.

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    Thank you for your support @Skookum_Jim . I would love to have the discussions on the community return to the passionate and insightful excitement we are used to having here. There is so much going on in this space and so many exciting things happening with Goldmoney.

    I am optimistic things are improving as I have already noticed the number of issues appear to be reducing here on the community.

    I’m going to keep working hard to making sure the staff at Goldmoney is aware of everything that is happening here. There have been several changes to made to adapt already.

    Lets all keep working together to make Goldmoney the best it can be!

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    I have all but lost confidence with this company. As investors we are looking at gold for the security it offers. How much security do we have when we can't even get a timely reply from your customer service? I have been a gold money customer for several years and I have gone through the verification process twice. I tried to set up a wealth account and all I get is the runaround and excuses. I was asked to provide verification documents which I uploaded and as of today it has been about 10 weeks and I am still pending verification. This is even after having an account for 2 years. How hard is it to review a few documents and either provide a yes or no answer?
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    When will the new online verification process be ready. The current one with Equifax is completely out to lunch. It is still saying I do not exist and my claims my wife has student loans which she doesn't.
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    I felt my frustration levels rising just reading through this thread!

    @Goldmatters You sound like somebody who wants to help - since you read all of the posts and send info through to management, why not just mention every time that you do that? Are you really saying that because of other duties at Goldmoney you simply don't have time to do that? Or are you not allowed to do that?

    I guess you've already been asked this in the thread and you won't answer me either!
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    > @Roy Sebag said:
    > Dear Goldmoney Client,
    > Josh and I want you to know that it has come to our attention that certain CS employees have been under-performing in their roles as it relates to the level of service we seek to deliver to you. I take blame for not identifying these issues earlier. This morning, I decided to take certain steps that will result in superior customer service and client relations.
    > Over the next week or two, you will begin noticing these changes and new blood joining the CS/RM team. Additionally, every CS/RM will now have an assistant you will be able to reach via phone and email to ensure continuity in your communications.
    > If you haven't already, I recommend you create a Goldmoney Holding and begin to transition your metal into that platform. It's where all the future development and engineering is taking place and it's a far superior service. You can buy and sell all four precious metals, hold 9 currencies, have several plastic and metal cards, get paid a storage credit for trading actively, and soon you'll be able to buy/sell cryptocurrencies as well. You also have a personal relationship manager with a Goldmoney Holding.
    > Take the time to open a Holding as approvals take between 1-2 days given the demand we are seeing. We will be uploading a blog post and video shortly which will help you transition quickly.
    > As always, we appreciate your continued support and confidence in our company. We are here to serve you and protect your hard-earned surplus!
    > Best Regards,
    > Roy Sebag

    Hi, I dont see any changes to your CS despite what you introduce here. I wonder whats going on as I have sent multiples emails and post to GM and still no single soul responded to me. I am feeling helpless as I have more than 800g of gold worth of redemption not yet received and nobody have the courtesy to reply me from your company since more than a week.
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    This company seems like it's not very serious.
    Nice websites are a dime a dozen.

    First I tried (on 2 separate occasions) to explain how the website had issues with regard to creating a recurring payment through credit card.
    Both times the ticket was logged and then closed without any significant progress being made.

    Now my entire ability to deposit by credit card has been closed down without any explanation.
    48 hours have passed and I haven't heard a thing.

    How do you think you can run a financial service where you are taking deposits from the public, and yet not even have a phone number that can be called when required?

    This is absurd.
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    I have been trying to redeem my money since September. I have used the platform since Bitgold and done several bank wires before this year. I have sent over 10 emails to support (which no longer even reply). When i call they just say they are trying to figure something out for the bank. They are also unable to send the bank wire transaction receipt - which will show when the money left.

    2 wires have been bounced back and i've been charged $20 for each, ive just done another 2 bank wires making the total cost $80 in wire fees - and i am still unable to get access to my money. 2 months in and not a single dollar has made it into my account.

    Ive never been so disappointed in a company i recommended to my friends and family. I really should have just bought gold and kept it under my mattress.
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    Thanks Roy for getting on this. I like what I'm seeing in Goldmoney but yes some improvements are needed. Let's make Goldmoney the world class standard... THE GOLD STANDARD ! (-:

    Thanks, Eugene Schubert
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    Is there nobody positive about the current functionality/CS/redemption/funding acount/Trustworthines of this company @ the moment?
    The reviews are really terrible. Without this being fixed, how can there be an onboarding of new customers?

    @Roy Sebag
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    Yes, we deserve better, still slooooooww as heck moving from Personal to Holding even within the same vault.
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    Hi anyone,

    I am currently waiting for the 'tool' to be developed so i can withdraw my holding of BTC to my own wallet. This seems to be going nowhere and with deadlines threatening. Anyone else in a similar predicament? Does anyone have any information about this 'tool'? the communication with staff here has not been good, and i'm starting to get nervous....
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