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Beloved Community,

It is me, Goldmatters (note I have rebranded with a small "m".)

I am most proud to announce that I have accepted a new role here on our incredible community.

Some of you may know me from the Goldmoney t shirt tour, or my other contributions.

I am now consulting for Goldmoney.

I unapologetically say that I love this company.

I also love this community.

Here is a group of people, both the company and the community, that have a common goal and vision.

I'll be the first to admit that as a group, a community, we are experiencing growing pains together.

That is because what we are all doing is so important. If what we were trying to accomplish were easy, it would also be completely ordinary.

We all want the same thing here.

We all want choice in our money.

I feel that I have a unique perspective here that qualifies me to speak both on the community and the Company's behalf.

1. I have held every color status here on the community. Tin, copper, bronze, silver, gold, and now blue. I think I am the only community member to go through this entire cycle. My point is that I did not start here as a member of the company.

2. I am one of you.

3. I have looked the Goldmoney founders, management, and employees in the eye and shaken their hand personally. I have seen that they are real people, with a real mission that they believe in with every fiber of their being.

4. I believe in them.

5. I am fully committed to this company and this community. I have seen the highs and lows here. I was here when this community was full of energetic exciting discussion (and it still is) and I have seen the more recent confusion and questions.

6. I believe in you.

​This community has so impressed me during my time here. The level of intelligence and insight from all the voices here is just incredible. Community members know this platform inside and out.

It saddens me that there is sometimes such a large gap between community members and the hard working staff at Goldmoney.

I am here to be a bridge between the community and the Goldmoney staff.

My objective is to be a representative and a voice of the community.

While I am not here to respond to individual customer services issues (that’s what the Relationship Managers do), I AM here to listen.

I believe I can provide the most value to both the community and the company by taking an aggregate of the most pressing issues and passing them along to Goldmoney staff, and that’s what I will do.

Fortunately, I have a good head start, as I have read every single post ever made on this forum.

I cannot promise that this will solve every problem or resolve the outstanding issues, but community members are guaranteed to be heard. I will continue to read every post, gathering information on issues that effect significant numbers of community members. These will get passed on to the relevant staff members.

In time, my hope is that this will make things smoother for all of us.

I want to reiterate that, because of my other responsibilities within the company, my bandwidth here will not be as it was in the past, and I will not be able to respond to every post BUT as I have said I will continue to read them all. So you can know for sure that at least one Goldmoney representative has read your concerns and is passing them along.

The journey for me with Goldmoney has been a very personal one. I cannot fully explain my passion, but it is with me all the time.

I know not everyone feels the same, but I invite you to join me anyway.

Let’s figure this out as a community.

How can we make Goldmoney better?

Remember that this company was made for all of you. This effort, this mission, would never have happened if 2 guys hadn't seen something broken in the world and decided to DO something about it.

So let’s work together and make this company what it deserves to be. Let’s empower individuals and families through gold ownership. Let’s figure out how we can democratize access to gold at a time when the world so desperately needs it.

Let’s follow in the founders’ footsteps, @roy and @josh , and do something about improving Goldmoney.

Do not doubt your power, community. I can say for sure that the people of Goldmoney are listening to you.

It will now be up to me to articulate to them what this group needs the most.

Let me be your liaison. Let me be your bridge.

Let’s do this together community.

Community Relations
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