Goldmoney Card in ATM

Best way to use Goldmoney Prepaid Card in ATM that is loaded in USD?


  • JimmymacJimmymac Posts: 25 Copper ✭✭
    Simply use it in an ATM that would normally dispense USD. Its for this reason I have 2 cards one in GB pounds and one in Euro's.

    See if i use my GBP card to withdraw Euros, then i pay an FX fee. (not good), so when using one Loaded with USD then withdraw USD, from a machine that dispenses USD. The second you load your cards then the balance on them becomes Fiat, so if you load it with say £50 you will have £50 on your card, regardless of the changes in the price of the metal you load it with. This is good in that you know that the card will work for your purchase, no matter what is happening in the markets, so its more stable.
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