I just opened a Gold Money account, but before I even got to the step where you fund it, my account was suspended. How do I set it up so I can buy gold?


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    From my experience setting up my wife's account, Goldmoney does have a few rules based flags that sometimes need to be addressed during the sign-up and account verification process**. If you contact support they should be able to help you.

    For example, my wife did the sign up process while we were on vacation, and the relative location of the ip address conflicted with the address that she entered for our home.

    I'm sure there are other programmatic rules, particularly around Know-Your-Customer regulations.
    Good luck @Even_Stephen4 , the Goldmoney platform is aaaawesome!

    ** sidenote: the new verification process might have different rules and programmatic triggers than when I signed up a year ago
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