Free Trade Is Communication

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Without communication, humans are very little. Almost everything we do is related in one form or another to interactions with other persons.

We consider communication to be the exchange of sounds and gestures. The exchange of labor, products and services directly or by the intermediate of money as a medium of exchange, is labelled as trade or economic exchange.

The communication with the meaning of sound and gesture exchange is subject of enormous social judging and normalization but very weak Government interfering. The laws governing this communication do most often guarantee the free speech rather than restrain it.

The economic exchange is without doubt a social subject of interest and debate but the Government has the ultimate power of regularize it and it makes use of this power in abundance.

My idea is that all form of exchange between people is communication. It starts with a very simple exchange of a flower for a kiss, or a service for a “thank you”. Giving money or some object to someone else as a present is communication. It means we appreciate the role that the other person plays in our life. We give an amount of importance to its existence, we don’t ignore it.

The easiest way of seeing a trade of goods as a form of human communication is with children. How many times we see young children willing to communicate, to get to know each other, but being to shy to say the first words. We see them exchanging toys as a first “hello”. The material communication continues throughout our lives, just the needs that determine us to use it diversify.

We seek appreciation and gratitude, or forgiveness, for everything we do. This is also true when we use our hands, our minds and “our hearts” to do a labor or to create a product. The reward that we look for when we give our time and labor, or the product of our labor, is also a form of appreciation and gratitude for what we’ve done. That recognition can be a good word, an emotion that is shown to us or it can be very well a service, another product or money. But for some reason we call “communication” the reward in the form of words, gestures and emotions and we call “trade” the reward in the form of material things. Though the happiness that we feel for both forms of recognition can be at same intensity, the Government protects the first and taxes the later.

This is a call to all of us to be more open and more careful with our needs of interaction and to put free trade where its place is: next to free speech, in the common notion that is communication. Free, natural, unbiased, unrestricted.
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