Calling it quits- Frustrated!

Well, I am so frustrated with GoldMoney, I just put a sell order in for all my gold/silver. After migrating from "personal" account to the new "holding" account, it has been nothing but problem after problem. After 2 weeks, 4 emails, various phone calls and no response or help from GoldMoney, I am frustrated beyond belief. Of course I tried to sell all metals and deposit into my verified bank account and it didn't work so I had to sell all metals into "holding". Hoping I receive a check for my fiat dollars. If only Goldmoney would respond with an email, I could hang in there longer than I already have but after being repeatedly ignored and no response, Im giving up on Goldmoney. Hopefully Goldmoney can get their service up to speed and I will be back.


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    Sorry to hear that, I get your frustration.

    Just a note. They won't send you a check. Your money is in your holding account until you do a bank wire from the holding to your bank (look at the Fees) the other current option is the debit card. I'm not sure how that works with a holding account because I don't have a debit card with my holding account.
    I see you are having issues with the debit card. If you find an answer please let me know.

    Side note, in my opinion it was probably a good move to sell at the peak. Since the $ is in your holding account you can always buy gold and silver when the price drops.
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    @Tex "sell at the peak"?
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    The tide came up and the tide will go back out. Then it will come up again and then it will go back out. and so on...
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    Ah . . interesting . . . . so you can't transfer money out of your account to your bank , once you have sold your gold . . i have been having trouble trying to do it the other way round , and fund my account with a bank transfer . . and so it seems there are no bank transfers working in either direction . . . to not be able to withdraw funds is very worrying indeed . . .regarding communication with the company , i sent a message asking a question about two weeks ago , not getting a reply i sent another one a week ago . . and i've had two replies to this . . different people in relationship management , both telling me the same thing . . so they do reply . . if somewhat erratically . . . . . . and now we need some definite clarification regarding what's happening with bank transfers and withdrawals . . .good luck . .
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    Having lots of issues (like Olicougar) with Goldmoney too. Takes too long for responses. Unable to access my funds since moving from Personal to new Holding acct. Getting fed up. May move my holdings elsewhere, if I can ever get through to them.
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    this is getting scary. they don't reply to emails. I've been trying to get hold of them for two weeks. it's like I don't exist to them.
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    I agree this is getting scary! I sold my gold/silver yesterday after 4 email attempts/calls etc. and being completely ignored. After 2 weeks, I have not received my "secure access code" to activate my prepaid card in my new "holding" account. The code was supposed to be emailed to me by GoldMoney within 24 hours (2 weeks later and nothing), so my prepaid card is useless. I tried to deposit my fiat dollars (after selling gold/silver) into my verified bank account and of course this is not an option goldmoney gives me. So I currently have a few thousand dollars sitting in a "savings/holding" account that I can't access. I guess I could buy more gold/silver but whats the use if I cant access it and convert it to my prepaid card or bank account? I guess the next option is to try and redeem for physical metals but as well this is not an option goldmoney gives me either. I am going to try and contact Schiffgold and see where that takes me. Part of me wants to hang in there because I believe in this company and management but on the other hand, being treated like I don't exist makes it hard to have faith in this company...
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    This should help you:

    How do I activate my Goldmoney® MasterCard® Prepaid?

    Metal cards:

    Please log into your Goldmoney Holding and activate your card in the Prepaid card section of your Dashboard. Once the card is active, you can request to receive your PIN by text message.

    Plastic cards:

    1. Login to by entering your Prepaid Card number or email address and the access code that you received through our email confirmation.

    2. You will be taken to a new screen once you enter your email address/card number and your access code. Please enter your CVV from the back of your card and create a new six-digit access code.

    3. You will then be given a four-digit PIN for in-store purchases and cash withdrawal. Don't forget to make note of your PIN number and sign the back of your card.

    How can I use my Goldmoney Mastermard Prepaid card?

    Use your Goldmoney Mastercard Prepaid card the same way you would use a credit or debit card. Swipe or insert the card at the point of sale and enter your card details when making purchases online. Select credit card when processing your purchase.

    Can I use my Goldmoney Mastercard Prepaid card at an ATM to withdraw cash?

    Metal cards:

    Metal cards are not accepted at ATM locations; however, you can withdraw cash using the “Cash over the Counter” feature. This can be done at any bank branch that offers this service. You must have your card and an identification document, such as a passport or ID card.

    Please note that a fee of either EUR 5, GBP 3.50 or USD 7.50 (depending on your card currency) applies for using the “Cash over the Counter” feature.

    Plastic cards:
    You can use plastic cards to withdraw cash at ATMs as you would with any other debit card. Please note the minimum withdrawal amount of USD/GBP/EUR 20.00. Requesting to withdraw smaller amounts will result in failed transactions.

    How can I manage/view my Goldmoney Mastercard Prepaid balance?

    You may check your balances and transactions in the Prepaid Cards section of your Goldmoney Holding.

    Please log into your Goldmoney Holding to check your balances and transactions.

    You may also log into to check your plastic prepaid card balance and view your transaction history.

    How do I load my card?

    Click Withdraw Funds located in the Manage Funds section of your Dashboard menu and select to withdraw funds to your prepaid card. You may also fund your card by choosing your prepaid card as the destination when selling metal in the Sell Metals section of your Dashboard.
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    Never mind. I just saw the access code thing.
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    SUCCESS!...Tex, I hope you work for GoldMoney because if not you should! Much appreciated!...I guess my faith has been restored for the time being. Thanks Tex!
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    edited September 2017
    I had to go to the "forgot access code" option, although I never received one but this worked and my prepaid card is now active. Thanks again Tex!
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    "Treated like you don't exist" feels bad but might simply equate to "somewhere in the middle of a big bleep stack of requests and not enough people to handle it. Not that things are all lost and screwy, just that they can't get to you yet.
    I would hang in there if you can afford to do so. Just take a deep breath, and let go of that issue for a week.
    I think you would be safer to keep your account in metal, because if it is in the gold or silver it is allocated on printed records and stored in a safe by Brinks, not GoldMoney, and even if GoldMoney went bankrupt you would still own that gold. And who knows in a week or two it may go back up in value. It certainly will rise over time, as long as we inflate the dollar.
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    @olicougar My pleasure. I'm happy to hear that it worked!
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    Hey @Tex nice job, again.
    Remember the Alamo!
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    @Tex @RocketDog You two are fantastic. You represent what is great about the community. I love the way you both pitch in to help!
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    now i see it. instead of CS there is a "ask the community"button. save personel costs i guess!!!
    at the very least these posts should be monitored and addressed.
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    Just an update on the previous problems I had with the prepaid card, redeeming physical, verification process. etc. I guess for now the name of the game is "patience". I know GoldMoney is going thru some changes in personnel and adding upgrades. It is a fact, their customer service needs some serious help!...Thanks to the community members, I was able to get everything sorted out. I have recently added some funds to my prepaid card and was able to spend the cash on the card with no problem. I think once GoldMoney gets their customer service up to speed along with all their features active on everyones site, stream line the verification process, etc. this company is going to be the next "GoldRush". Thanks again to all community members for your help!
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    Thanks for the update @olicougar ! Good work community!
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