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Is there anyway to get ahold of someone from Goldmoney aside from email and the 2-3 days it takes to receive a reply? I requested a withdrawal which was approved Monday at 7am, now its Thursday at 1pm and still haven't received it. I make and receive quite a few wire transfers for work and its never taken more than 2-days for an international transfer (i;m in the US). Has anyone had this issue?


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    ikr ? it's been a very different experience with these folks as I'm trying to bail also...You know, I bet I speak for a lot of folks on I'm gonna speak it.

    I had high hopes that this would kind of take-off as an alternative to that "cryptocurrency" thing...Never could wrap my head around that one...but, this seemed legit and ready to pop....(as did AU in general) so, right as I got into "bitgold", & as you all know the price has been falling down basically...For a while it was down so far I would have been $100 lighter at least, but now that it's risen a bit, I figure, I need to get out. (only down $20.00 or so if I CAN actually get out..) My small investment probably doesn't seem like very much, I know, but to a working guy that was looking for a real growth for his few dollars, it's a pretty good bit..(& I would have been looking to put more & more in each week).....And on that note...WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE, HOW BALLIN' OR BROKE-bleep A CLIENT IS?, (especially at first)......'cause you never know bro, you just never know...You think I would recommend this to someone? Anybody out there willing to talk up "Goldmoney" to their friends ?, it is quite obvious now that this mistake is not 100% my fault...this "service" was sold (to everyone) as a virtual "vault" that assets could be taken from, moved around and tendered like "cryptocurrency", but was tied to the value (and security) of hard gold...but no...its not like that at all.....they TAKE your money...quickly...and then trying to get it back has been a freaking nightmare... I can see what's coming now that people are sharing their "experiences". I am still in the "verification" process (WTF)??, even though I have sent these people everything they have requested and required & it SAYS VERIFIED, BONAFIDE, AND CERTIFIED ! (They especially took my hard earned American dollars)...So, WHATS TAKING THIS "Verification" process SO LONG TO GO THROUGH? Anybody know?? Anybody else having these issues?
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    it seems they don't reply to emails. I've been trying to get a reply for two weeks. nothing. is there even a complaints department. very poor quality management systems in the client relations department. I'm on the verge of taking all money out and shutting my account down.
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    Hi @mike99inusa I don't want to make excuses for lack of communication in the company. They are having a known shortage of customer service reps and are currently hiring more.

    Re: Verification of Holding accounts. Verification of holding accounts has always been more difficult than verifying a "Personal" account (which is no longer available to new customers). I don't know if it is because the "larger" accounts are subject to more scrutiny, or if it is just because they still use parchment scrolls and quill pens in Jersey, in the Channel Islands where those accounts are administrated (or at least they were about a year ago when I signed up). I gave up on getting my Holding account verified and just went with a Personal account and have been happy as a clam for the past year, buying and holding "lots" of gold over dozens of transactions, redeeming some to my Goldmoney Debit Card, and redeeming some in physical as Goldmoney cubes. I have honestly never had a problem until just recently, I have been waiting a while for a redemption.

    I do believe they are in a rough spot right now, I do think they will sort it out. You might just leave that gold in your account for a bit and catch the next upward wave into the $1325 range. There will be another one, based on inflation alone if not other factors driving people into gold.
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    It's a tough call R.D. I have been a customer since the early stages of bit gold myself. I have never have withdrawn any money except once to fund the card a few hundred. I wanted to see if it actually worked. It did. I had 11 dollars on it for a year. I used it the other day for ( first time in a year) for some random purchase just to see if it still worked. It did.

    I have not experienced the things that I am reading dailey on here. I haven't tried to use my account though. I'm honestly getting afraid that if for some reason I needed this money I couldn't get it. I've seriously considered getting out for 6 months now. I'm just getting a bad feeling. I'm reading way too many issues that are seemingly repeating themselves over and over.

    You have to figure at some point they would get fixed. It doesn't seem to be the case. How long is too long to hang on? You get no feedback from anybody in the front office on here. That would possibly go a long way into maybe easing some customer fears. Fears that seem to be becoming more regular with several customers.
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    Yeah, I see now...Any of these ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ folks seein any of this? Ms. Millington? you seemed so willing to help previously...
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    This here is very worrying indeed :'(
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    @GMONEY1 Thank you for your vigilance and for highlighting this, I have passed it along
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    I have been with GoldMoney for 4 or 5 years and for the past two weeks I've been trying to contact them to no avail. I managed to liquidate my holding. If they behave this badly during stable markets how will they behave during market turmoil? This poor customer service is atrocious for any company but for a financial service company that claims to manage billions of dollars in assets it's totally unacceptable.
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    I wish I read this thread before signing up and depositing money. My account is still in pending status after 3 weeks. The concept of the Goldmoney service is genius, however, it will never work without stellar customer service. I'm very disappointed.
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