Cheapest & quickest way too redeem?

If you wanted to redeem some cash what would be quicker & cheapest, bank wire or straight to your gold card?


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    I believe redeeming to the Goldmoney debit card has a 0.5% redemption fee.
    Redeeming by bankwire probably has the same 0.5% redemption fee plus the wire fee.

    Redeeming to the Goldmoney debit card has always been instant for me.
    Bankwire probably takes some time.

    Maybe you should try to redeem just a little bit to your Goldmoney debit card and see how fast it goes for you.
    Then make sure you can spend the money where you want to with the debit card. Some places do not allow use of a prepaid debit card.
    You can also get cash from your debit card at an ATM but there will most likely be an ATM fee to go along with that.

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    @Barbellion can you clarify if you are referring to your personal account or the new Holding account? (Because the processes and fees are slightly different)
  • BarbellionBarbellion Posts: 33 Tin ✭
    Personal account, haven't moved it to the new account thats why I'm thinking of redeeming don't need the hassle.
  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 760 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    @Barbellion in my personal account I have the option to redeem straight to my bank account -- the same one that I transfer money from to make a deposit. Depending on how you fund your account, you may also have that option. If yuo are in USA that is probably the quickest and cheapest way.
    And if you hang in there a while, the new holdings will supposedly be easier to get into.
  • BarbellionBarbellion Posts: 33 Tin ✭
    Thanks for the answers.
  • GMONEY1GMONEY1 Posts: 426 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    For personal, ACH is the cheapest and easiest for me.
    The card has been really fast and convenient to load as well especially for use at POSs like Grocery and coffee, but bank ATMs become the bottleneck if you need cash. My bank only allows $600 withdraw per day and then there is a $3 charge each time too. So, it'd take a week to get $3,000 and min charge of $15 (from the bank) after the card is actually loaded.
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