"We're Just Trying To Feed Our Families" - Equifax Hackers Demand $2.6 Million Ransom In Bitcoin

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Call me Tin Foil Hat Brigade member... I am in the suspucion of this is a hit on Cryotos, specialy Bitcoin. Some to prove that is the Currency of evildoers. On this world, knowing the powers that rules the banking/finacial sectors this attack was created by them. The choice of words screams "The Stablishment" very loudly to me.

Be scared of..... "The Dark Web"

Two days after credit-monitoring company Equifax revealed that, because of its staggering negligence, hackers had managed to penetrate the company’s meager cybersecurity defenses and abscond with up to 143 million social security numbers and a trove of other personal data - including names, addresses, driver’s license data, birth dates and credit-card numbers - the cyberthieves responsible are threatening to sell the data to the highest bidders unless they receive a ransom payment of 600 bitcoin – worth about $2.6 million, according to CoinTelegraph.

In the ransom note, which was published on the dark web, the hackers said they were just two regular people trying to get by – and that, while they don’t want to hurt anybody, they need to monetize the information as soon as possible. They promised to delete the data as soon as the ransom was received.

The hackers have now made a ransom demand, stating on a Darkweb site that they will delete the data for a ransom payment of 600 BTC, worth approximately $2.6 million.

The demand said that if they do not receive the funds from Equifax by September 15th, they will publicize the data.



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