paid in cash in US dollars how to wire to Goldmoney from Thailand?

I should say upfront I do report 100 percent of my pure cash salary income to the IRS. In fact I got taxed like a wayward serf from my last income stream in my cash paying Arab job...

However, on speaking with a cohort he advised me our next trip to Thailand would be ideal to wire cash to the USa as my current country likes to cut into the transfers and is also restrictive.

Did any of you USA citizens send around 10grand to their goldmoney account from overseas; Thailand exactly?
What bank did you use and what were the fees?

I could try and wire it in my current place of work but they rip me off with fees and it is a paperwork hassale. Also I have to comply with the usa law and make sure I get it into a usa account line goldmoney and avoidholding 10grand plus in a bank overseas or the USA money guys go whacky... "come irs guys I am a small fry not a Singpore penthouse expat sheltering funds overseas."


  • IrishGuyIrishGuy Posts: 136 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Hi @DukeGodfrey
    I am neither an American citizen or living in Thailand but am an Expat. I have a debit card from the expat country and just added that card in the GM website and purchase just as easily as my home country debit/credit card. I would never do it in one lump, and would set up a weekly/daily xfer which GM supports which should not trip any IRS flags etc., not that I am advising you to avoid paying your taxes.

    As it is Asia you could always just buy physical gold chains etc., and leave the country like Mr T of the A-Team. :)
    You then have physical that you do not need to redeem later.
  • DukeGodfreyDukeGodfrey Posts: 4 Tin ✭
    Ahh cool thanks Irish Guy! I should attach a card like you said. The BA gold chain thing is good too but I want to dump all the gold into a nice house soon.

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