GoldMoney Card

Hi All

I have tried ordering a gold money card but every time I try ordering, I get an error telling me to contact support.

I contacted support over a week ago with no response. I have tried calling the US telephone number but it keeps hanging up on me.

I was wondering if someone from goldmoney would be able to help me out.



  • fraserfraser Posts: 25 Tin ✭
    Hi , i also tried to get a Goldmoney plastic card in the UK . . . . i am sure i put in correct details and uploaded proof of ID and address correctly . . i also got an error and asked to contact support . . . . that was 4 days ago now . . . . support can take a long time to reply . . . . but i don't know why i got the error because everything was correct . . . . . so i think they are having some problems issuing the cards .
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