Connecting account to ACH failure, Bank of America. Email Support unhelpful

I've sent three emails to support in 48 hours and I have had one - one sentence response back and no response since.

Problem: I go to connect Bank Account to ACH. Enter my BoA login information - after 30 seconds or so, the goldmoney website says there is an error and to email support.

Meanwhile, I receive a email from Goldmoney after each ACH attempt with some sort of access number for the ACH.

I NEED to get this fixed. How can I contact goldmoney to get this fixed? I literally cannot withdraw any money as of now.



  • mr1mr1 Posts: 359 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear about your situation. Very disheartening.

    You were tagged earlier but there was no response. You've said before that the forum is not the place for customer service but that you read every post and that you will pass along any issues through the correct channels. Was this one passed on?

    When you do pass an issue along, might I suggest that it would be very helpful to all the community members to make sure you always make a quick reply here stating that it has been passed on? Otherwise it just looks like the issue is being ignored and people lose even more trust in the company.
  • TauntFourstarTauntFourstar Posts: 216 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @goldgoldgold, try doing the process again but through the manual setup when connecting. You will need routing number and all that. Setting up manual may work after getting an error on the ACH connection. That is what my dad did and his worked
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