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    This has been posted in here before, and it is amusing.
    But I wonder if it really proves that people are morons and don't know the value of silver or if it taps into other social taboos.
    In my opinion, it could be proving that people are polite and/or don't trust lavish gifts from strangers.
    If you were trained to be polite as a child, then you know that if you are offered a stack of one thing or the last of another item that you should take from the large stack so that you don't take the last item of a certain type. That is polite because it leaves the choice for the next person.
    Furthermore, most of us were trained as children not to accept lavish gifts from strangers. There could be several reasons for not taking that silver bar: 1) you don't want to take advantage of that guy who could be an idiot for giving away a silver bar; 2) you don't trust him and don't want him to end up being your bleep (lavish gifts can end up with unintentioned consequences); 3) you are leary of ill-gotten gains -- if you didn't earn the money and don't know why you are receiving it, that could make you suspicious.

    So what if he had a stack of silver bars and and stack of chocolate bars, then some people might be more likely to take the silver.

    Personally, I would take neither, because I would be suspicious of a gift of silver and that Hershey's is not real chocolate anymore.

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    That word that got bleeped above started with "Pi" and ended in "mp". Didn't know it was a bad word. Apparently they are trying to prevent people from using this board for the world's oldest profession. As they should!
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    IMO, in this case people are morons not because they do not choose the silver bar, but because they actually accept a chocolate bar from a stranger. If somebody is suspicious, they shouldn't pick, they should just walk away empty handed.

    So, once they accept the chocolate bar, it proves they are not suspicious and that they are just ignorant.

    He should make a video offering a $5 bill (instead of the silver bar) and make people choose between that and the chocolate bars. If people choose the $5 bill, it proves suspicion isn't the problem, ignorance is.
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