Jim Rickards On physicalgold podcast

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Some interesting comments on bitcoin and government coins/tokens at end of Podcast.
Would like to hear thoughts if all assets are on a digital ledger/blockchain , can they do it to physical gold /silver or how would gold/silver work in a total digital block chain asset recorded world?


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    Thanks for the link :)
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    This is another great podcast if you do not listen to it.
    What's of interest here is I always knew central banks were spewing out money but it is $300B per MONTH between China Japan and Europe according to this guy.
    He is interviewed about 10 min into the podcast.

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    I listen to pretty much all podcasts that I can find. Is wise to hear all angles in order to make a sound deciasion.

    What I believe is on decentralization. The US is using the Dollar as a weapon and soon will be the end of it. If the Nations of the World decide on a Decentralized system and let the Markets do what they do, we are all going to be happy.

    I am a firm bel8ever of Gold/Silver backed by a Crypto. At this point on the game, Cryptos are a Russian Roulette or a Chinese Fire Drill; pun intended.
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    @Campeador agreed. Although all US citizens have benefitted to some degree or a to great degree to the world dominance of the dollar, I think we would be better off with a greater variety of global economies and even with the near term unwinding of the US dollar, in favor of the long term improvements. It would be nice to be able to make "wise" business decisions and have them either sink or swim on their own merit without so much financial meddling, bailouts etc. It would be nice to have savings earn interest (get rid of fractional reserve banking). It would be nice to have the gold and silver markets be priced based on the availability of physical (not paper) ((after I buy lots more)).
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    Yes... will like to see a Wealth System instead of the Debt System that we have. The Fed Res got to go now !
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    @Campeador I would love to see it but I am doubtful the federal reserve will ever give up the right as a private company to print money from nothing. Why would they.
    While I agree also on the dollar, I think it has one last lease of life as an othe rcurrency blows out before it, possibly Euro most likely but China post communist meeting (may devalue then) and Japanese yen (a mystery why people see that as a safe haven)
    Long term gold backed SDR most likely per James Richards but that probably is good for 20-30 years until they also remove backing. However centrally planned not decentralised is the only future I can see.
    Hope you are right however. Fingers crossed.

    One final comment on this.
    I believe the Euro may have gone from 1.05 to 1.20 against USf as Dragi was not talking the Euro down until after the German elections as Germans like a strong currency. Now that Merkel is re-elected I have a suspicion that the Euro will start dropping again as Dragi is free to do whatever it takes to keep European banks afloat. It will. W on a sea of Euro liquidity I suspect!!
    All currencies are balloons however blowing in the wind. When the helium leaves (faith in the system) and slowly deflates them they will all hit the ground as no ties/anchored to anything(gold).
    All we are talking about is which balloon hits the ground first :)
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    @Irishguy said, "I am doubtful the federal reserve will ever give up the right as a private company to print money from nothing. Why would they. "

    Viva la Resistance!!

    Not to make light of such a profound and violent event as a revolution, but what alternatives will be left to us if we can't find a civil way to get gain back control of the dollar, our military, and our touted way of life? I don't know if the talkative folks on either end of the continent would participate, but I know the quiet people in the middle are more than ready (less talk, more action). Donald Trump was not elected because people though he'd make a good president. He was elected because we wanted to blow up the status quo. We figured if the nation is going to burn then we might as well throw a little gasoline on it and speed up the process, so that we can get it over with and start the rebuild.

    I am hoping that President Trump or someone will make a change. That some event that we cannot predict will occur which will allow the people to wake up and resist the maneuverings of government, deep state, financial corruption etc. Maybe if we find a bleep in the financial armor, or some event occurs, that shows us a path to freedom, we will take it and solve these issues before it leads to violence. Maybe if the dollar just crashes, people will reject the Fed and we will abolish central banking once again. Who knows?
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    @RocketDog I really hope you and @Campeador are correct.
    However similar to the other post on PR when it crashes most people will depend more on government - not less. They will be happy for the fed to print "helicopter money" or do whatever it takes to help them.

    The time to do it was during the Great Depression when it was less than 10 years old. It did not happen. Now I cannot see it.
    I hope and pray I am wrong and you are right.
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    @IrishGuy I understand your skepticism, I felt it too until Brexit happened and Trump was elected. Now nothing may come of either event but it tells me that just about 50% of the population in GB and USA have woken up and are willing to face discomfort and uncertainty for change.
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