Anyone good at Math?

IrishGuyIrishGuy Posts: 181 Bronze ✭✭✭
Janet Yellen is removing $10B a month on a $4.5T balance sheet. How many years before the balance sheet is zero?
Even if they get to the goal of $50B a month reduction does it make a big impact?


  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 765 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Sure it will take a long time. I might be wrong about the zero places but when I divide $4,500,000,000,000 by $50,000,000,000 I get 90. Which means 90 months (7.5 years) if they started at $50 billion a month. Which they are not, they are starting at $10 billion a month and we don't know how fast they will ramp up. So add a few more years.

    A good estimate would be 10 years (if they ramp up to $50 billion ever).

    Isn't it a beautiful plan though? Just hopeful enough to keep the dollar going and gold down indefinitely.
  • IrishGuyIrishGuy Posts: 181 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @RocketDog Math is right :)
    As you say a beautiful plan.
  • CampeadorCampeador Posts: 221 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Ol' Yeller is senile... you cannot fix some that is beyond repairs.
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