Gold money master card pin locked... sent email to support 4 days ago

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Need someone to unlock my mastercard pin so i can use my card..

Hopefully an admin will see this and someone will reach out to me.. Why would i use goldmoney when i know a paper dollar will work 100% of the time and not fail me.. Not happy with goldmoney and i just want my to spend my money and get out of this game. i'm just gonna invest in the SPDR gold trust


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    Hi @cantgethelpWTF
    Gold money have very little if anything to do with the master card itself other than activating it on the website.

    Check the Card Portal and see below which may be a similar issue.

    There is also two card processes - Personal card - I have this type and the newer Holding account card.
    If you let people know more details of what happened to lock it, what happens in card portal etc., they may be able to talk you through the process here.

    hope this helps.
  • cantgethelpcantgethelp Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    I used the wrong pin a few times and it locked me out of using the mastercard.. if you call mastercard they send you to intracash which they require an account number to get support.. we are not given an account number for intracash.. intracash issues the card, goldmoney services the personal card. Day 8 after emailing them and no reply, it's a good thing im not on vacation or stuck somewhere without money.
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