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I have been a member of BitGold/G.M. since Aug 2015. I have an old Pre-paid card that I first got when I was with Bitgold and now if I ever lose it and need it replaced I read that I need to convert to a Holding Account to be issued a new one.

So I setup a holding account and made a deposit. I purchased some silver which is a bonus but my account has been in "Verfication Pending" mode for 8 days now.

What sort of time frame should I expect to have my account verified?

This will be the third time I have had to submit government Identification since being with Bitgold, G.M. Personal and now Holding account with G.M. I understand they need to keep criminals out but honestly it seems a little unprofessional. I would be more likely to use the platform if transactions and signups went more smoothly.


  • daveyboy103daveyboy103 Posts: 5 Tin ✭
    The slowness of response to even basic enquiries is shocking. I am trying to locate a transfer of #1200 to my account and i posted the question well over a week and a half ago, zero response. Hire more people if you are too busy to answer basic question about where my funds are.

    Not a happy bunny at all!
  • JamesTkirkJamesTkirk Posts: 19 Tin ✭
    I have given up. I have asked that my small initial deposit be refunded to my Personal account, which I will hold onto like grim death. The whole online verification procedure does not work for me. It didn't even ask any questions for myself because Equifax claims it doesn't have any info on me although I have multiple lines of credit, Credit cards, Mortgage etc. My wife was asked some questions but they were not relevant to her credit history. It was asking about a student loan etc. when she does not have one. We actually had to look at her credit file on Equifax after because she was freaked out that someone stole her personal credit info and applied for a student loan.

    Maybe I will try again in a few years but for now I will stick with my personal account. I do not feel like going to a lawyer or other professional to have them say, YUP that's you.... and then mail that to the Jersey.
  • JamesTkirkJamesTkirk Posts: 19 Tin ✭
    I was encouraged by dropping in a seeing some talk about new streamlined verification process....... Nope, went through the trouble again of uploading pictures of my ID and then tried to do the Equifax verification again. Same result for both me and wife.
  • CampeadorCampeador Posts: 207 Bronze ✭✭✭
    I hope I did the right thing and went through all the pain of uploading al my info again. Was yesterday and I understand that is going to take some time to verify.

    However, in the way the economy is going, GM needs to expedite the process or they will lose business.
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