Gold money Holdings, a step in the Wrong direction!

The interface for Gold Money Personal was great. I am trying to get more people to sign up and get on board. My father opened an account a couple months ago. Now they go and change there interface and no longer allow you to open a gold money personal account? Now you have to open a Gold money Holding. The interface is very confusing and its not user friendly. It seems like a step in the wrong direction. My personal account I can wire transfer money right from the computer. The Holding account I have to actually go to the bank and personally make a transfer. This is not very convenient and its even archaic in this day and age. This may be fine for rich people transferring a lot of money but if they are really trying to get people on board with your own personal gold standard bank account I think the Holdings merger was a terrible idea. Does anyone else feel the same way? I feel sorry for new people opening accounts who will never have the personal account options and interface. Gold Money sorry to say I'm looking for alternative options. Just my two sense.


  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 763 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Hello @Patriot1775. Yes, I agree. I used to recommend it freely to many people. Now I don't because of exactly that reason. I don't want to recommend it and then have my friends/family face a lot of problems. I would be embarrassed if they did. I am sticking with my Personal holding and find it very convenient for now. Once I hear that the full holdings have the features of the Personal holding I will start recommending it again.
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    I actually like both, but personal is/was far more intuitive and user-friendly. Holding needs ACH (or something comparable) for deposits/withdrawals ASAP.

    I still recommend Goldmoney to others, and I tell them to have little patience getting started because once setup the experience is quite good.
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    I've stuck with my gold money personal account. I have no plan to change it. It works. The minimal amount I use it has been fairly smooth. If their comes a time when I have to switch then I'll deal with it then.
    I don't want to go through the verifcation process again. I already did it once. That's really why I have not. I'll wait until all the kinks have been smoothed out.
    There are still to many issues with the holding.
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    I am am very disappointed. I have been on Goldmoney personal account for a year. Have never requested a card, but wanted it now and realized I can't. On top of things, I have actually lost money not gained. All this hype for nothing?
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    @StarCitizen It is a bummer that you can't get a card. As far as gaining or losing money in gold, it is only a matter of timing. And gold seems to be struggling to rise these days. Hang in there. Maybe they'll get the kinks worked out of the full holding and maybe gold will rise.
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    There is good potential in the holding account. It's just taking a lot longer than expected (in my opinion, I have no insider knowledge) to switch over and offer the same services as the old personal accounts. For example it took 90 days to implement the faster / easier setup. In my opinion that should have been in place before the switch as well as some other details. It's been a stumble out of the gate situation since June. Just like everyone else who has money here, I get the whole range of emotions from "5 alarm fire bells" to all is cool and sailing smooth and that all comes from communication and trust. I've been a bit critical here and there but thats out of a sense of just providing an honest outside opinion so those areas can be worked on (if they truely need to be). I do get the sense that Roy, Josh, and team are hell bent on making this thing really freaking awesome and I hope they succeed at doing so.
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    First, you access bitgold/personal with your email address, and the wealth/Holding with your Holding number.
    Second, I'm pretty sure clients would have to agree to new terms and conditions if accounts were automatically merged. Goldmoney hasn't merged accounts; old personal accounts still exist.
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    I’m a new member, and yes this has been a slow process. The verification thing was a pain and i still don’t fully know what I’m doing but I’m willing to stick it out. Either gm is going to get this interface worked out or someone else will. I’m looking forward to getting some gold cubes if I can ever figure it out.
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    I've been with the company since inception as both a customer and shareholder. And although I believe the principals are forthright, the business model is sound and the ultimate value proposition is excellent, one cannot ignore the fact that they have not been able to make this a positive user experience. Now the stock is being trashed. I think customers and shareholders alike deserve a better experience. I cannot understand why fintech companies around the world seem to be disrupting business models left, right and center yet GM keeps running into difficulties. Do they need a new technology team? Are the regulators (who we all know hate gold) causing all the problems? It would be nice to know why things are not progressing as they should be.
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