Platinum + Palladium

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Platinum + Palladium are same price on Kitco at $922/oz
Would love to hear people's options on which is best value for money based on rarity / supply demand or other reasons
Are both cheap, which will go up more in the years ahead?
Are gold + silver still the best for appreciation over the long term?


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    Ok. I am going to try answer my own question as it just so happens a podcast I listen to gave me the answer

    The last 5min of this podcast talked to it.
    Platinum is historically cheap compared with Gold and Palladium. They suggest an arbitrage. Buy with gold and swap back to gold later. Perfect for Goldmoney holding account holders.
    Why I think this may also be a good idea also is that if things go south with Russia the platinum supply will dry up as they produce most of it. Hopefully not!!!

    Drawback is it's main use is cars and that market may be going the way of the dodo. Think this is discounted and priced in.

    Now if some one with a little pull can get my holding account verified, I may be able to act on this o:)

    This is not financial advice. Do your own research and make you own choices :)
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    That is interesting conjecture @IrishGuy. Sorry I know nothing about these metals, but my response would have been that since they are not traditional currencies, their use is industrial and that may be a limiting factor. Which you have discovered is the case for Platinum. I think that is why I would leave them alone. I just don't have enough wealth right now to buy a really expensive industrial metal (even if it is on sale).
    But I like your idea of owning it in the Holding. Thanks for the info.
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