I just transferred my Gold from Personal to Holding - 20 minutes to process

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Just a quick note to offer a counter to all the issues people highlight here. I think people post when unhappy but say nothing when everything goes smoothly which makes it look like there are more problems than not.

I set up a Holding account on the day they launched but never funded it. I did the verifications using the old cumbersome method, uploading a copy of my passport, doing the Equifax Verification and checking all the boxes re sources of funds (I said Salary) etc. Basically answered every question that was asked, though a lot of them seemed unnecessary.

The account was verified right away and today with the Crypto announcement I transferred my gold to the new Holding account. I used the Vault to Vault transfer option and it was pending verification for about 20 minutes and then went through fine.

No issues once you take the time to fill out the forms and both processes were under 20 minutes.


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    @Secrets ditto, Mate! I was thinking, why is this going so smoothly after all the negativity in the forum... but it did. I set up a holding account today. It took 10-15mins of my time. So, well done, GM!

    I didn't do the vault to vault transfer yet but will soon... I'm relieved that your experience was a good one!
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    @paddy10tellys @Secrets I'm really happy for you guys that everything went smoothly with the verification. It is important that we all report positive things here in the community as well.

    Unfortunately, I can't say the same. I still can't upgrade from a Basic Holding to a Full Holding.

    I guess it would be way easier to sign up again, but then the problem is how do I get to move my metals if they are in a Basic Holding and can't be transferred anywhere (since it's a Basic Holding).

    The only option would be to sell all the metals, start from the beginning with a new Holding and then re-buy the metals. It would probably take months...

    Oh well, I guess I would have to keep waiting..
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    Glad to hear it is going smoothly for many people. Thanks for letting us know!
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