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JimmymacJimmymac Posts: 25 Copper ✭✭
Sorry i know this is really for asking questions, but this is more of an answer really, in the hope it helps some people out.

I got my 2 cards in the post but did not get the e-mails with the activation codes. This is not really so bad, all you need do is visit and click on the "forgot access code" link. it will then ask you to enter the 12 digit card number and your e-mail address. once done you will receive an e-mail with your access code.

go back to, enter your card number and access code, and activate your card by entering the CVV.

Hope this helps some of you

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  • JSBachJSBach Posts: 8 Tin ✭
    Nice but... the Goldmoney portal has no knowledge that I have received a card and activated that card! It still thinks I need to apply for a card. All attempts to apply for a card have failed originally, but out of the blue I received a card. After calling they told me about your solution above, but that did not link to the Goldmoney site. So I have an activated card which cannot be loaded!
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